Which Mask Protect Against COVID-19 All Variants 2022

Hello, Friends Welcome to Prokeeda Today we will know what face masks we should use to protect against coronavirus so that we can protect our body from coronavirus and how to increase immunity in our body with coronavirus Which mask to buy? This question runs in the mind of most people.

Which Mask Protects Against the COVID-19 all variant. World Health Organization New Masks Guidelines. how to Choose & Use Corona virus Mask.

Coronavirus infection has reached 188 above countries in the world. More than two crores 19 lakh people worldwide are infected with Coronavirus and so far more than seven lakh 74 thousand people have died.Avoiding corona is not just a matter of today or tomorrow, but we need it for a long time to come, so know which Moscow should be used to protect against this deadly virus.

Kindly be careful to take full care of cleanliness. Social distancing, use of sanitizer, etc. Apart from all these, we need to wear face masks to protect against coronavirus. The first step to avoid Kovid-19 is to use face masks when Also go out and come out only after applying a face mask which masks should we use to avoid the coronavirus

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Why it is Important to Wear a Face Mask

As we all know that the coronavirus is a virus that spreads very rapidly from one person to another, with which it spreads most dangerously in its initial stage, we do not even know that We do not have the symptoms of corona or not and we are not able to detect that the person is a corona infection. It has been said that the use of masks can prevent the spread of this virus, that is why everyone needs to wear masks.

Which Mask Protects Against the COVID-19

N95 Mask

The N95 mask is considered to be the best mask for protection against the coronavirus. It easily fits on the mouth and nose and also prevents fine particles from entering the nose or mouth or can prevent 95% of the particles present in the air. That is why it is named N95 Musk. Due to Coronavirus, the diameter contains as much as 0.12 microns, due to which it helps to a great extent. It protects against bacteria, dust, and pollinators 100%.

Surgical mask

Surgical masks are still under research on how effective this mask is to protect against corona.This is a better option when the N95 mask is not available. It protects 95 percent of the virus. Protects up to 80% of bacteria, dust, and pollinators.

FFP Mask

This mask is of three types FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3, it has the best FFP3 mask. It protects us from the smallest particles and the FFP mask can protect the virus from 95% of the virus and 80% protection from bacteria dust pollinators.

Activated carbon mask

It is commonly used to prevent any kind of dirt. It is not able to protect against viruses because only 10 percent protect us from the virus. This mask protects against dust and pollen particles by 50 percent.

Clothes mask 

Wearing a mask of homemade clothes can not prevent the virus and experts also do not recommend to apply it. Usually, people make it at home. It can save 50 percent from bacteria dust and pollen. It can be used once. Disposal is extremely important, however, due to a decrease in the supply of masks, many countries advised the general public to wear homemade masks.

Sponge mask

This mask does not protect the coronavirus at all. Sponge masks only protect 5 percent of bacteria and dust. Experts do not recommend even applying them.

How to Use the Mask

Be sure to clean both your hands before wearing a mask. Wash both hands thoroughly from the sanitizer or shop. Wear such a masks completely covering the mouth and nose and try to avoid any gap between your Moscow and mouth so that there is infection.

Do not run the risk of spreading. When wearing a masks, keep Moscow wearing the belt as soon as you can, and try to avoid reusing the single-use mask. When you are removing the mask, do not remove it from the backside, do not touch it with the front side. Immediately after removing it, but it only in the used Moscow lid dustbin.

World Health Organization New Masks Guidelines

  • People should wear face masks where there is more infection
  • It is very important to wear face masks even in crowded places
  • All healthy people should wear a three-layer fabric mask
  • In places where there is a high risk of infection, all people should use medical-grade face masks.
  • All the people present there along with health workers in hospitals should wear medical-grade masks

WHO Official Website:- Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Masks – WHO

The “World Health Organization” has long ago made it mandatory to wear masks to prevent the coronavirus from entering the body through the nose or mouth. Now, with the increasing cases of the corona, many countries have made it mandatory to wear masks.

How to Choose a Mask to Protect Against COVID-19 All Variants

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