What is WordPress Plugins & How to Use Plugins in WP

Today’s post is for those people who want to make their blog or website on WordPress. If you are building a website on WordPress for the first time, then you should know about WordPress plugins. What is WordPress Plugins & How to Use Plugins in WP? If you do not know about this, then you must read the post from beginning to end.

What is WordPress plugins? how to download and install WordPress plugins . How to activate and deactivate plugins. Website, SEO &  cPanel.

If you all want to make a website on WordPress. So for that, you should know about what are WordPress plugins. And which plugins should you install on your website? You have two platforms to create the website and blog. First Blogger and second WordPress, both these platforms are good for website and blog.

If you create your website on Blogger, then you are not given many features in it. And there is no such feature in it so that you can add some extra to it. But if you create your website on WordPress, then you have been given many features in it. Along with this, if you want to add some features to your website. So you can add features through plugins.

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Earlier if you had to add any new feature then you needed to coding. Or you had to hire a website developer. But now you can add new features very easily by installing the plugin on your website.

If you all want to install the best plugin on your website, then you must read this post completely. In today’s post, we will know the best plugin for the WordPress website. And how to install and activate plugins on your website.

What are Plugins?

Plugins are a type of software. Using them increases the functionality of our WordPress. These are scripts of PHP programming codes, which are written for a particular function. Like we install different software for our computer. Similarly, plugins are also installed for different tasks. You will find both premium and free plugins on WordPress. Which you can install for WordPress website according to your need.

What is a Plugin Do you all know what a Plugin is? There are many people out of all of you who already know plugins. And some people have heard its name but do not know about it. But now we will know in very simple language what are plugins.

Plugins are used in WordPress websites. By using this you can add many features to your website. This question must have come to the mind of many people among all of you that how many types of plugins are there. For your information, I want to tell you that there are different types of plugins for all the features.

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Now we understand it in very simple language. Example: Suppose you have bought a new computer for your office. In which you have been given Monitor, CPU, Keyboard, Mouse, and UPS. If seen, it has all the stuff that should be on a computer. But if you want to do photocopying in it, then you need a printer for that. In the same way, you can create a website only on WordPress. But if you want any feature in it, then you have to install the plugin for that.

How to Install WordPress Plugin

There are three ways to install the WordPress plugin, which you can learn about below. Out of which the first method is very easy and most people use this method. And the second is a bit difficult and the third is for advanced users. So now we know in very simple language how to download and install plugins in WordPress.

Install from WordPress Plugins Dashboard

Every user tries this method to install WordPress Plugins from Dashboard. You will see the option of Plugins under Appearance on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard, click on it. After that, if you place the cursor of the mouse there, then you will see the option of “Add Plugin”. Now you have to click on the option of Add Plugin.

On the page of Add Plugins, you will see a search box to search your desired plugin. But you have to keep in mind that only those plugins will be shown which are available in it. After searching, click on the “Install Now” button given below that plugin. Now your plugin will be installed on your site from the server of wordpress.org. And if you want to use that plugin, then activate it.

Download and Install WordPress Plugins

As I have already told you in this post that not all plugins are free, some of them are also paid. You will not find paid plugins in wordpress.org. and You have to download and install them. You can also download and install the free plugin in the same way. Every user tries this method to install WordPress Plugins from Dashboard.

You will see the option of Plugins under Appearance on the left side of your WordPress Dashboard, click on it. After that, if you place the cursor of the mouse there, then you will see the option of “Add Plugin”. Now you have to click on the option of Add Plugin.

There you will see the button “Upload Plugin” above, click on it. After clicking you will see this message. If you have a plugin in a .zip format, you may install it by uploading it here. This means that if you have any plugin in .zip then you can upload it here. Select your plugin by clicking on “Choose file”, then click on the “Install Now” button. After following these steps, your plugin will be installed on your server.

Install from cPanel / WordPress Plugins

Not every server has cPanel, especially in managed hosting. If you have cPanel hosting, then login there. You will see many folders and files there, all of them are from your WordPress blog. You have to go to the wp-content >> plugins folder and upload the zip file of your plugin here. Then extract it. Your plugin installed is done.

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How to Activate and Deactivate WordPress Plugin

In the first and second way, only after installing the plugin, you will see the option to activate it. But if you thirdly install the plugin, then for that you have to activate it by going to the plugin’s page. There is an option to deactivate it at the bottom of all active plugins. If you want to delete any plugin, then you have to deactivate it first. Only after that, you can delete any plugin.

How does the Plugin Work

A plug-in is a type of software used to extend the functionality of a larger program. In WordPress, they are coded using the PHP programming language and then fully compatible with WordPress core. Being an open-source system, WordPress lets developers store data in their database and modify their functions with it. Every WordPress plugin installed on your site is stored in your WordPress database. As a WordPress administrator, you can enable or deactivate these plugins as you wish.

Check before installing WordPress Plugins?

WordPress does not design the plugins available on the WordPress Plugins Directory. These plugins are designed by Third Party and submit to WordPress Directory. Thousands of plugins with features of anyone function are available in the WordPress directory. But if you want to install the plugin for your WordPress, then you must check the things mentioned below.

  • Fast Loading Speed
  • Users’ Reviews
  • Space Occupied in Memory
  • No. of Registered Complaints
  • No. of Registered Users
  • Updating Frequency Time
  • Supporting Features
  • Customer Support
  • Problem Solving Time Period
  • Plugin Life

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to add the FAQ plugin to WordPress?

First of all, you have to go to Plugins and click on Add Plugins option. After that, you have to search by entering FAQ Plugins in the search bar. Then you will have many plugins in front of you and you have to select any one of them. After selecting, you will see the option of the active on the wheel, click on it. In this way, you can install the FAQ plugin for your WordPress. There are three ways to install plugins, which you can learn about in this post.

Where to buy the best domain and web hosting for WordPress?

WordPress is a platform through which you can easily create your website. But to make a website in WordPress, you need domain and web hosting. If you do not have both of these, then you can buy them from GoDaddy. If you do not know how to buy domain and web hosting from GoDaddy. So you must have this How to buy domain and web hosting from GoDaddy.

What is the best free plugin?

10 Best Free Plugins for WordPress is 1.ValhallaDSP Supermassive, 2. Spitfire LABS, 3. Audio Damage RoughRider 3, 4. Satellite Plugins 2.0, 5. Granulator II, 6. Soft tube Saturation Knob, 7. FLUX Stereo Tool V3, 8. Camelcrusher, 9. Voxengo SPAN, 10. Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch.

Are all WordPress plugins paid?

Not all WordPress plugins are paid, some of them are free and some are premium. But if you want to make your website unique then you should use premium WordPress plugins for that.

Is there a free version of WordPress?

WordPress is software, you can download and use it for free. Inside it, you get 6000+ WordPress themes that you can use for your website.

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Last Word

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