What is WHO? WHO Full Form [World health organization]

The WHO is the short form of the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization provides health information to all the countries of the world. WHO was established on 7 April 1948 and has its head office in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. Its main objective is how to make the health of people even better.

What is WHO? [World Health Organization] and How it Work Full details in this Post. WHO Full Form.

This organization identifies any new disease in the world. Today we will know what is WHO (World Health Organization). What are the WHO full form and all the information related to it, we will know in this article today? It has 194 country members and two affiliated members and this World Health Organization is spread all over the world.

how much money you earn, if your health is not good, then your money is of no use. If you have more money than necessary and your health is not good, then that money is of no use.

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That’s why the World Health organization is alert about your health. There are a thousand kinds of diseases in the world, WHO only finds a cure for all those diseases. If seen in a way, then it is the research center of all the diseases present in the world. This organization alerts us from all kinds of diseases.

There is a fear of spreading some disease in the world all the time. WHO conducts research on how to control all those diseases. Many types of diseases are spread in the world like Coronavirus (Covid-19), Dengue, Malaria, Cancer, etc. This organization has controlled all these diseases very quickly. Today, we will go into full detail about the World Health Organization (WHO) in this article.

What is WHO (World Health Organization)?

WHO’s full form is the World Health Organization. Which helps all the countries of the world with health-related problems and works to develop the health of human beings. This organization was established on 7 April 1948. Its purpose is to improve the health of the people of the world. The headquarters of WHO is located in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

India is also a major member country of the World Health Organization and has its headquarters in Delhi, the capital of India. This organization has the largest blood bank in the world. Many global epidemics globally, such as malaria, COVID-19, cancer, etc., have a huge contribution in controlling diseases.

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All the people in the world are busy fulfilling their needs, due to this, they are not able to take care of their health. Man forgets that health is the greatest wealth of man. If your health is bad all the time, what is the use of money that can spoil your health? There are many types of people in the world, but the one who does the wages is not able to pay attention to his health. Because if he focuses on health, how will it work? WHO works a lot for these people. WHO can identify any disease very quickly.

You all must know about COVID-19 disease. The first case of coronavirus came in China in 2019. But gradually the disease failed in the whole world and WHO declared it a life-threatening disease. At that time, there was no medicine in the world for this disease. At that time, the World Health Organization issued a guideline to avoid COVID-19. It gives mutual support to all the countries of the world on health-related problems.

What is the Full Form of WHO?

Now we know WHO full form is the “World Health Organization”. And WHO full from in Hindi is “विश्व स्वास्थ्य संगठन”.

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World Health Organization (WHO) Works

Now we will know how the World Health Organization works. Whenever a disease occurs, the World Health Organization informs us about it. Apart from this, it helps us to prevent disease. Its job is to tell the world about new diseases and tell us how to avoid the disease. Now we know at the following point how it works.

  • WHO works for better health for all people around the world.
  • The WHO has more than 150 offices worldwide through which it operates.
  • It tries to protect us from infectious diseases. Influenza prevents TV, AIDS, cancer, infectious disease.
  • WHO assists all countries in strengthening health services.
  • WHO does work to improve your health.
  • Works to underline the role of social, economic, and environmental factors in public health.
  • Poor people take special care of their health.

Information About WHO

The World Health Organization contributes to the world’s health care services. It was established on 7 April 1948. This organization is a member of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The headquarters of WHO is located in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

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The Director-General of the World Health Organization is elected in the World Health Assembly. The Director-General is formed for five years and is currently headed by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyas. 9000 people of the World Health Organization work in more than 150 countries. The World Health Organization wants to create a tobacco-free world. Therefore, all the people who work in this organization have never consumed tobacco.

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