What is Web Hosting? Where to Buy it [Benefits + Types]

Hello friends, we will talk about web hosting, what is web hosting, what does it work for us. What is Web Hosting? How Maney type of hosting, and where should the hosting be purchased? Today all the doubts related to your hosting will be cleared in this post.

What is Web Hosting and Where to Buy Hosting best place in cheap rate 2021. Hosting work and sever connect to your Website.

If all of you are building your personal website on WordPress or Blogger, then all of you should know about domain and hosting. Why do you need to have both domains and hosting to create a website? We had obtained information about the domain in the previous post, all doubts related to your domain must have been cleared. If you have not read that post, then you should have read that post first. Today we will know about web hosting in this post. Which all of you will not have trouble creating your personal website.

Hosting is essential for our website because without hosting you cannot create a website on WordPress. To create a website, all of you should have proper knowledge about it, only then you can make a website. Therefore, you should be fully knowledgeable about hosting.

Example If you want to do business with clothes, then you need a shop to keep clothes. In the same way, if you make a website, you need hosting to keep the data of the website.

Hosting stores all your data in the webserver. If someone searches your website on Google, then they see your data from web hosting. There are many types of hosting too, but you should get hosting according to your requirement. You should only use premium hosting on your website. Because free hosting can stop anytime you may have to suffer a lot. Now we will go into full detail about web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Now we know what web hosting is. If you are a blogger, then you should know about hosting. The job of hosting is to store any data. The data of all the websites that exist on the Internet is stored on different hosting. We understand what hosting is with an example so that all of you will not have a problem understanding it.

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Suppose you have a video which you have to share with the whole world. So you have to find a platform that is spread all over the world. and So that you can share your video with the whole world. So for this, you have to take the help of the internet. And through the internet, you have to make that video available to all people.

For this, you will have to upload the video on the Internet. But just like you live online through the Internet on your mobile phone. Similarly, after uploading the video, you have to be online 24 hours, but you cannot keep your mobile online for 24 hours. So you have to buy hosting so that you can store the data of the video in that hosting.

There are many hosting provider companies in the world that provide hosting to you. Like, Bigrock has many companies that provide hosting to you.

You can buy hosting from those companies according to your requirement. But there is also some free hosting that you should use only for testing. If you are new to the blogger field then you can buy small in starting. And later you can also change the hosting according to your need. Take care you can change the hosting later. As big as a big company, they have a server of their own, inside which they store their data.

How does web hosting work?

Now we know how Web Hosting works. If you make a website. So if you want to reach that information, then first of all you will have to upload your files to the hosting. Only then you can access the information given by you through the Internet.

Whichever user searches the domain name of your website Prokeeda.com on Google. So the Internet connects that domain name to the webserver where you have stored your file beforehand. After adding, all the information uploaded by you reaches the user’s computer. Which the user can know the information given by you, web hosting works like this.

Domain name servers are used to connect domains to hosting. It tells the domain that the data of the website is kept in which web server. Because every web server has a different domain name server. Only after connecting, the user searches your domain name. So your website opens in front of him.

It is not that your domain name will be searched only then your website will be open. If someone searches the URL of your website, only the data of that URL will appear in front of it.

Benefits of Web Hosting

If you buy web hosting, then you get a lot of benefits. If you are a new user, then only you will know about it. With the help of web hosting, you can make your website beautiful and at the same time, there is no problem with your website. Now we know what the benefits can be to our website by buying hosting.

Speed: By purchasing hosting, your website gets good speed, which increases the loading speed of your website. You must have seen many times that it takes time to load the website. Which increases the bounce rate of your website and the ranking of your website falls. The visitor also does not stop at any error website, so it increases the loading speed of the website.

Online Backup: In this, you can backup your website data online. And later on, whenever you need that data, you can use it. If you store data in a chip, then the chip is afraid of moving. But you can backup any number of data online without fear of hosting.

Best Feature: If you use web hosting on your website, then it looks like your website is professional. There are many such features in it that you will not have a problem in making a website.

Security Features: There are many such security features in Web hosting, which can not harm your website’s data. And keep your website content and Admin Account secure.

Best Unlimited Hosting Plans: If you buy good Web hosting for your website, then you get everything unlimited in it. Such as Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Domains are all available. Which does not have any type of problem with your website.

Why Web Hosting is Important for Website

Now we know why web hosting is necessary for our website. Web hosting works as a memory card. In this, the data of your website is stored, which keeps the data of your website safe. The hosting company backup your website data. So that if the data of your website is ever deleted, then you can backup it.

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Suppose the data of your website is corrupted, then how will you get it? And in such a situation your whole feeling will be spoiled. That’s why web hosting is used so that you can backup the store data of your website again.

If you are using free web hosting for your website, then there is a risk of your website ever getting closed. Therefore, all of you should use premium hosting for your website. Now you must have understood why hosting is necessary for the website.

Why Backup is important for Our Website

If you want to keep your website safe, then you should back up every month of your website. Because if you use an external file, code, plugin, etc. So, there is a virus in one or the other and there is a crack that can threaten your sight. And the front can easily hack and delete your website.

To avoid all these, you have to take backup every month. If this happens on your site, then you can make your website as before in a few minutes. Click on the link to know the complete information about how to back up your website. How to Backup your Site.

Buy Best Web Hosting in 2022

If you want to buy hosting for your website, then there are many companies in the world that provide hosting to you. The further away the server of your website is, the more time it takes to access your website. There are many web hosting companies whose network is very good.

Which hosting company has the full facility to host 24 * 7 Support and Website? We should take hosting for our website from them only. But we have to pay some charge to the hosting provider. Which those company profits too and we also get a good web hosting.

Now I am telling you the name of the best web hosting provider company from where you can buy the best hosting for your website.

Web Hosting Provider Company

  • Hostgator
  • Godaddy
  • Bluehost
  • Bigrock

Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of web hosting in the world, but today we will talk about the hosting which is used more. But basically there are 3 types of web hosting. About whom you will tell me in full detail today.

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting

Shared Web Hosting

Share Hosting All of you must have understood by its name what it means to share hosting. Share web hosting is a single server that contains a lot of files. And Share web hosting should be used by the new website developer. Shared hosting providers provide high-quality services to you at a low price. Because in shared web hosting, you host a lot of websites on a single server.

Now we understand in simple language with the help of a shared web hosting example. Suppose you are starting a business and you need to hire a shop to start a business. But if his rent is more than your budget, then you can find another person and share the shop with him. So that you find the fare low and your business also starts. Later, if your business starts growing, you can change the shop.

In the same way, you should start creating your website with shared web hosting. And later when the traffic starts increasing with you, then you can change the hosting. In shared web hosting, if there is more traffic on one website, then the speed of the other website automatically slows down. Now you must have understood what shared web hosting is.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

  • Shared hosting costs a lot, which is not a problem to buy a new blogger.
  • Shared hosting is very easy to set up. Therefore, you do not get the problem in its setup.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

  • The disadvantage of Shared Hosting is that the data of your website does not remain secure.
  • If the traffic of one’s website increases, then the speed of your website decreases.

Virtual Private Server Hosting/VPS Hosting

The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server, you can also know it by its short name. It is used by those who have a lot of traffic on their website. Virtual Private Server hosting is very expensive. But in this, you get the best security and best platform for your website.

A separate resource is used for each virtual server. Whatever resources your website needs, it takes as much. Virtual Private Server Hosting does not have to be shared, you have the right to this hosting.

If we understand this in simple language by example, then it means that you have bought a shop for rent. You do business in that shop and you have the right to all of that. You will not have to share that shop with anyone else, which increases the security of your product.

In the same way, VPS hosting is only for you, you do not have to share it. Best security and best platforms are provided for your website. This hosting is used only by websites with good traffic. Now you must have understood what Virtual Private Server Hosting is.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • In VPS hosting, your website is completely secure. In this, you do not have to think about the security of your website.
  • VPS hosting does not have to be shared, you have complete control over it.

Disadvantages of VPS Hosting

  • If you have a small website, then you should not use it because it will waste your money.
  • To use VPS hosting, you must have technical knowledge.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting contains the file of the same website, it does not have to be shared. It costs more than all the hosting and it is used by those who have 24 hours of traffic. The servers of Dedicated Hosting store the data of only one website.

If we understand Dedicated Hosting in simple language by example, it means that you have a clothes shop in which you can sell only clothes. And you do not have to share this shop with anyone, it is only your right. Similarly, Dedicated Hosting stores the data of only one website. It does not have to be shared. it is used by those who have 24 hours of traffic. And it is very expensive, so not every blogger can buy it.

Benefits of Dedicated Hosting

  • In Dedicated Hosting, you are most secure.
  • In Dedicated Hosting, you get the best features.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting

  • If you have a small website, then you should not use it because it will waste your money.
  • To use VPS hosting, you must have technical knowledge.

Last Words

If you all make your website, then you need hosting and domain. We knew about the domain in the previous post and today we have learned about hosting. I sincerely hope that now you will not have any problem to create a website.

If you have any problem in your website, then you can definitely ask by commenting. How did you write the article to everyone, please tell by commenting. You can get complete information about the website from our website.

If you find any problem in this post, then you can definitely ask in the comment section. Our team will definitely clear all your doubts. If you like the post, then you must share it, to know the daily updates, you have to turn on the notification given on the website. We will keep informing you all about the new topic every day. For the latest updates, you must follow us on Telegram. Thank you all for joining us.

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