Importance of voter ID Card | Eligibility, Update, Apply Online/Offline

Most people in the country know about voter ID cards. The voter ID card is held by everyone older than 18 years of the country. Which is also used as an identity card. The voter ID card has been issued by the Election Commission of India.

What is Passport? How to Apply Online Voter ID Card, Correction, Update, and Document Requirement.

Today we will know about the voter ID in full detail. What is a voter ID card, where does it work? And people who do not have Voter ID cards how to get it. Today we will know what makes a Voter ID card used and how to apply for those who do not have a Voter ID.

All of you will be using Voter ID in your daily life for a lot of work. But it was used to vote. You all know that there are many countries all over the world. And a responsible PM is elected in every country to run all the countries. So that his country will move forward and the country will move only then the people will be able to progress. Millions of people live in every country. Control of all of them remains with the PM of the country. Elections are held in all countries to run it.

All the elections are done in India. We should vote in all elections from the district level to Lok Sabha. You all also need to know that it is mandatory to have a voter ID card to vote. Only then you will be able to give your vote to your candidate. The voter ID card also identifies our identity like the Aadhar card and PAN card. Therefore Voter ID proof must be 18+ people.

What is Voter ID Card? (All Details)

Voter ID is a voter ID card. This card is issued to the people who are eligible to vote. The primary objective of this card is to improve the accuracy of the voter list. In all the elections that are held in India, the electoral deception prevents the faction. Everyone has their own separate voter ID card.

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When any Indian citizen attains the age of 18 years. So according to the Election commission of India, he can vote. It is necessary to have an edge above 18 to apply for a voter ID card. Only then you are eligible to vote. Elections are held every 5 years in India. A voter ID card is necessary for that only then you can vote.

Benefits of Voter ID Card

India is a democratic country. In which there are millions, not crores, there are Arab people. Looking at the diversity of the country, several states and districts have been formed. This is a very important document because it is also used as an identity. Voter ID is required by a person when he uses insurance companies, online travel companies, gas companies, as bank identities. Apart from this, voter ID is used in all government work.

If you want to vote in the election, then voter ID is necessary for you. If you have a voter ID card and your name is on the voter list, then you can vote. Allowing voter ID cards to register your name in the voter list in a state other than your own. You can only do this when you have moved to another state. Otherwise, you cannot change.

Top 5 Uses of Voter Card

Where can we use the voter card? Do all of you know where we can read the use of Voter ID. Where else can you use voter ID for ID proof or address proof? Now we will know that we can use the voter card.

  • We use voter ID to vote for our candidates.
  • We can also use it for ID proof.
  • You can use the voter card to open an account with the bank.
  • Only those above 18 years of age can use the voter card.
  • You can use the voter card to invest in mutual funds.

Eligibility of voter ID

Now we know what is eligibility. To create a voter ID, your age must be 18 or more. Only then you can get the voter id created. If your age is less than 18. So you cannot apply for a voter id. As long as you are a minor, you do not have the right to vote.

How to Make Voter ID Card 2022

You can apply both online and offline to get a voter ID. For this, you have to go to the official website of NVSP (National Voters Service Portal), you can apply online from that. You can go full step by step of how you will apply in this post. You kept reading the post for that. We will know how to apply for a Voter ID online. Ever since the online system has arrived. Since then, all of you can easily apply online by sitting at home.

Document Required for Voter ID Card

All of you should know what documents are required to get a voter card. So that when you apply for Voter ID online, you will not face any problems. Which documents you can use for proof and address proof for making an ID card.

Address Proof

Age Proof

  • Aadhar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • 10th Class Marksheet
  • Passport
  • Pen Card

How to Apply Voter ID Card Online

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website of NVSP (National Voters Service Portal).
  • After that, you have to click on Apply Online for Registration of New Voters.
  • After clicking, a form will open in front of you, in which you have to fill in all the details about you corrected.
  • First, you select the language, then select State, District, Assembly, Parliament constituency.
  • If you are a new user then you. Click on As A First Time Voter. And if you want to transfer from an assembly, select the Due to Shifting Form Another Constituency option.
  • After this, Mandatory Particulars to you. All the details in Hindi and English have to be filled in.
  • In it, you have to fill Name, Surname, Name of Relative of Applicant, Surname of Relative of Applicant or Type of Relation, Age, Date of Birth and Gender of Applicant in Last.
  • Current Address and Permanent Address will have to be filled by going to Current Address Where Applicant is Ordinarily Resident.
  • In that, you have to fill all your information in House Number, Street / Area / Locality, Town / Village, Post Office, both in Hindi and English. Must choose Pin Code, State Select, District Select.

More Steps

  • After that you have the Permanent Address of the Applicant, then you can write here. Otherwise, click on Same as Above and proceed.
  • In Optional Particulars, then you will get Disability, Email id, and Mobile No. will fill.
  • You have to upload all your documents. The document must be uploaded for Passport Size Photo, Birth Certificate, and Address Proof.
  • After that, Town / Village, Select State, District, Date of Birth, Place, and Date will have to be filled for Declaration.
  • Your form has been filled. Now you click on Submit.
  • After Verify, your Voter ID will be created. And it is posted on your address.

How to Correction/Update Voter ID Card

When we make a voter card, it happens many times in it. That the spelling in our name, address, date of birth, gender gets mistaken. Because of which we have to update the ID card. So that when we use the Eid card, we have no problem. What is the process for that, we will know in very simple language?

It is often seen that the old are the voter cards. They require more updates. Because they were created offline. There were a lot of mistakes in it. But in addition to casting voter card votes, there is a lot of work. If any correction is required in the VoterID card, it should be corrected ahead of time.

  • First of all, you go to its official website National Voters Services Portal:
  • After that, you click on the ‘Correction of entries in electoral roll’ option.
  • Click on forum 8 to make an ID card correction.
  • Then after that, you have to become all your details like name, the part number of the electoral roll, serial number, gender, and age, family details, complete address, State and Assembly / Parliament Constituency.
  • After filling in all the details, click on the summit.
  • After that, select which details you want to correct.
  • Contact information, city, and date of request information to be filled.
  • After all the information is verified, click submit

How to Download Voter ID card

Now we will talk about how to download a voter id card. To download the Voter ID card, first of all, you will be on the official site of NVSP. If you are a new user, then you have to register. And if you already have a registration, then you will have to log in. After that, you will have to enter your mobile number there. After that a capture will come there, you will have to fill it. Then you have to click on Send OPT. After that, your mobile number will be verified.

If you have a voter ID card number, then the first option you have is the epic number. And if you do not have an ID card number, you will click on the other option I have not an epic number. And in this, you have to fill in the details on your first name last name email id. After that, your account will be created.

To download, first, you need to log in. You will get the option of download epic, you will have to click there. After that, you will have to enter your voter Eid caption number. After that, you will have to select the state in which you live. In this case, your voter Eid card will be downloaded.

FAQ for Voter Card

What documents are required for voter id cards?

Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Date of Birth Certificate, 10th Marksheet for ID Proof in Voter ID Card Document. Ration card, PAN card, Aadhar card, Electricity bill are required for address proof.

NVSP toll free number?

NVSP Toll-free Number:1800111950

What is the full form of NVSP?

The full form of NVSP is “National Voters Service Portal“.

what is epic number?

The epic number means that the voter ID card has a special number. Every person has a different number of cards. This is what we all call epic numbers. That is, the ID number is printed on your voter ID card. Which is in alphanumerical format.

What is the full form of epic number?

The full form of EPIC is Electoral photo identity card.

What is the official website of NVSP?

The official website of NVSP is

How to apply for voter id card online?

To apply online, you can apply by visiting the NVSP official site. We have told you its complete process step by step in this post. In which you can apply online easily.

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