What is SEO 2022? ON Page and OFF Page SEO

SEO: Today we are going to talk about a very important subject. The new blogger can easily create his own blog. Do you all know what is SEO? Today we will go through the complete details about all the information related to SEO. How many types of these are there, what is its use?

What is SEO 2021?  ON Page and OFF Page SEO. The full form, Search engine optimization, information, Blog, Website, Blogging 2021.

All people in the world want to start their own blog, they have to start with SEO. The larger the company is, the more it makes a website to sell and buy products. All that money is not spent on the website, rather money is spent on the SEO of the website. So that the website is good and there is no problem with its feature.

Today we are going to tell you about it in very simple words. If you also want to know about this, then you must definitely complete this post. In today’s daily life, if you want to come in front of millions of people simultaneously, online is one way. From where you can reach millions of people simultaneously.

You can reach out to them through video calling or with the help of your content. But to do this, you have to come to the first pages of search engines. Because any visitor has to post only the first page of the search engines.

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But it is not so easy to reach here as you are thinking. For this, you have to SEO your article, which means you must optimize the article correctly. So that your article can rank in the search engines, this process is called SEO. If you have not done SEO, then your article will not be ranked. No matter what good article you write, your post will not come on the first page without this.

SEO Information 2022

If someone tells you that they are fully aware of it. So you have not come in front of the people because no one in the world has complete knowledge about it. If you want to get your article ranked, you definitely have to help it. Only then you can get your article ranked. Whatever article you write, write on a topic that is currently trending. Only then can you get ranked quickly.

It is important to bring the website to the first page. Because any visitor likes to read the first-page article. If your website appears on the first page of the search engine, then traffic to your website increases. And the more traffic will come to your website, the more your earning is as well. If the article on your website is good, then everyone trusts your website.

You have to take care of one thing in it that updates also come in it as time goes on with everything. You also have to take care of the updates only then you can become a good SEO expert. No one in the world knows all about it. To create a website, one has to use programming language or WordPress. SEO is done as more and more people come to your website. It is used to increase the ranking of any website.

What is the full form of SEO?

SEO’s full form is “Search Engine Optimization“.

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What is SEO?

There are many search engines in the world like Bing, Yahoo but Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Do you all know whom SEO speaks? With the help of SEO, you can easily get your article ranked on Google. Google is a search engine, this means that we get all the information from here.

With the help of Seo, we can bring our blog to the first page of the search engine. It will benefit us that if someone searches on Google, your blog will come up. But your blog will come up only if the article on which you have written. Your article on the same keyword will occupy the first position.

SEO helps us to make our blog first on the lane. It is very important to do this to increase the organic traffic on your website. If your website comes first in the search engine, then your traffic also increases. And your income is also higher. This is a very good way to earn money online.

All the search engines in the world have different SEO factors. In today’s time, Google is the largest search engine which is the most used in the whole world. Google works on about 200+ factors.

The search engine is such an algorithm that works to give the correct information of the information we have searched on the internet. Results are visible with the help of the Search Engine Result Page. This means that whatever page you search, the page that opens in its result is called SERP. 75% of people use Google in the world. Google is a very popular search engine and it comes first in the world.

Why SEO is Important for Blog?

Now we know why it is necessary for SEO Blogs? Now all the information you have learned about it was information about it. But now we will talk about why SEO is necessary for our blog. Suppose you have written a unique article to publish in your blog.

And even after writing such a unique article, if your article is not ranked, then for that you will have to take the help of SEO. This means that it sets your blog well. And we use it to make our website accessible to the people. So that your website reaches people and a lot of traffic comes.

If you have understood this, then you can easily get your blog ranked. If you have created a website and no visitors will come on it, then it is important to SEO what is the meaning of creating your website.

you use it on your blog, you will not see its result immediately. For that you have to wait a little bit, only then your blog rank will be there. Because it takes time to set anything up. If you think that you have done SEO of your site today. And if you start getting its results from tomorrow, then it is not possible.

More people trust above the top result. If they have to search for anything next time, then they go to the same website and search. Therefore, you should also know about Seo. You get the benefit of this when any two websites are working on the same keyword. There is a competition for both of them to come to the first position in such a situation. At such a time, the person whose SEO will be good comes on the first site.

How Does SEO Work

Now we know how search engine optimization works. Many people have asked this question before. Whatever you search on search engines like what is this prokeeda.com you did this search? So the search engine brings you the crawl and index ranking list in front of you. The search engine’s bots and spiders already maintain this list. And as soon as you do some search, you see the search engine result page. The way all search engines in the world work is different.

Types of SEO

Now we will know what are the types of SEO. If you use it for your blog, you should know how many types are there. There are two types of SEO: “ON Page SEO” and the second is “OFF Page SEO”. There are two types of search engine optimization. Now we will know about them in full detail.

ON Page SEO [What is ON Page SEO?]

First of all, we will talk about ON page SEO, what is ON page and why it is necessary for our website. It is used inside the blog to design your website. By following the rules of SEO, you can get your website easily ranked. For this, you have to find the right keyword and write a unique article.

Using keywords in the right place on the page like Title, Meta description, Using keywords in content makes it easy for Google to know on whom your content is written. This increases your organic traffic which if any person searches for anything, then above all your site comes. On-page SEO has many factors, with the help of which you can optimize your website for on-page. Today we will learn about many such factors. With which the ranking of your blog will increase, as well as good earning.

How to do On-Page SEO “1”

Now we will know about such technology that you will be able to do well on your website page. And your site will quickly be shown in search results

Speed is very important in your website because the better the speed of your blog or website, the sooner your post rank will be. For this, you will have to keep the image size smaller than 40MB. Use simple and attractive themes in your website and at least use the plugin.

Title tag: People will click on your site only when its title tag will look good. So while adding the title to your post, but the title carefully. Do not use more than 65 words in your title because Google does not show the title tag in Google searches after 65 words.

Post URL: Now we know how long the URL of the post should be. The URL of the post should always be simple and short, which your site may be good for.

Internal link: If you want to rank your site quickly, then internal linking is very important that. From the internal link, a post of yours that is acclimated to the first, the Sari post gradually starts coming up.

Alt Tag: The alt tag means that you must use the image in your post. But do not keep the size of the image too big. The post size is reduced due to the larger size image. Using the image, your post looks beautiful.

Website Navigation: This means that no visitor should have trouble moving from one post to another. Website Navigation is used for this.

How to do On-Page “2”

Content: Now we will talk about how the content should be in your article. Because the content of your article also matters whether your article will rank or not. The most intriguing thing is that your content should be unique so that Google does not tell you that your content has been copied. If your content turns out to be copied, then your site has no meaning. With this, you should know that your content should be between 900 and 1000 words. Only then your article can be ranked.

Keyword: While writing the content, keep in mind that you must use keywords in the article. This makes more and more keywords in your article and your site ranks on a lot of keywords. And while writing the content, you must bolt the keyword.

Heading: Special care should be taken of the headings of your article as it has a great impact on SEO. The title of the article is H1 and after that, you can nominate Subheadings from H2, H3, H4, etc. With this, you must use the focus keyword.

Apart from this, there are also many things that need to be inserted inside the blog such as Meta Description, Keyword Density, Post-Good Length, Google Sitemap, HTML Page Size, etc.

OFF Page SEO [What is OFF Page SEO?]

Off-page SEO means that the work outside of the website is called off-page. You can promote your site, make backlinks, there are many ways by which you can get your site easily ranked. You can create attractive pages of your site on social networking sites like Facebook, Quora so that people follow it. And all traffic from there should come on your website, which your post will rank quickly and traffic will also increase.

You can leave the link of your website by going to the big website, it increases your site’s ranking. Submit your guest post to all the big bloggers, this will increase the traffic of your site. This is a great way to increase the rank and visitors of your post.

How to do off-Page SEO

Now we will know how the off-page works. For this, please read the points given below. Your post will rank it very quickly and the original traffic will also increase.

Blog Commenting: You have to go to another website and leave the link for your site. Some of this traffic is also accessible on your website.

Social Media: You must make your site’s profile on the social media platform, this increases traffic on your site. And your site starts to rank slowly.

Search Engine Submission: Your website should be submitted correctly to all search engines. So that your post gets indexed quickly and its keywords can be created correctly.

Guest Post: You can do a guest post by visiting the related blog from your website, this is the best one from where you can take a do-follow link and that too in the right way.

Apart from this, you can also bring your website to the first page from them. Forum Post, Blog Directory Submission, Search Engine Submission, Classifieds Submission Site, Video Sharing site, Photo Sharing site, Question, and Answering Site, etc.


What are the types of SEO?

There are two types of SEO, the first is “ON Page SEO” and the second is “OFF Page SEO”.

What is on-page SEO?

First of all, we will talk about ON page SEO, what is ON page and why it is necessary for our website. It is used inside the blog to design your website. By following the rules of SEO, you can get your website easily ranked.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO means that the work outside of the website is called off-page. You can promote your site, make backlinks, there are many ways by which you can get your site easily ranked.

What is the full form of SEO?

SEO’s full form is “Search Engine Optimization“.

How to get original traffic from SEO?

To get original traffic from Seo, you have to use it on your site. For this, you will have to do its on-page and off-page also only then the original traffic will come on your site.

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