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PAN Card: Today we will talk about PAN Card. Why it is important in our life. It has a 10 digit alphanumerical word. What does it mean? And what is the use of our PAN card? And with its help, we can do any work very easily. Today we will know all the information related to pan cards in very simple language.

What is PAN Card? How to Apply online and offline. benefits, Uses, Importance, eligibility, requirements, and many more.

People from all countries all over the world have an identity card for their identity. The same identity card remains with all the people of the country. With the help of which the government of the place gets all the information about that person. Much more information about the name signature photo has been given. With his help, you can know all the information about that person. In India, for identity proof, an Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter card, driving license is used for identification.

You can use a pen card to identify that you are all citizens of India. The pen card is made for identification for the people of India. Which you can use in all the states of India. This pen card identifies who you are. He has all the information about you. Which makes your life even easier.

Pan card contains an alphanumeric word of 10 digits. In which all this information is given. the card is very important in your life. It is required to be held by all people. That you may need it anytime. Now we will know about the PAN card in full detail below.

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What is PAN Card 2022

Now we will know what is This card. The full form of the PAN card is “Permanent Account Number“. It has an alphanumeric character of 10 digits. Which is given to all pen card users from the Income Tax Department. How a Laminated Card is made in India under the Pen Card India Act, 1961. Which was created by the income tax department (CBDT). The full form of CBDT is Central Board for Direct Taxes. Official Website:

All your information is given on the Permanent Account Number. Your Name, Father’s Name, Date of Birth, Photo, Signature, this information is given. The size of the pen card is equal to that of the Aadhaar card. Which you can easily keep with you.

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The main use of a pen card is used to pay income tax, without this you cannot pay tax. It is not taxed by you. And you fill the tax government. All its information is given in it. Everyone must have a pen card. Whom you could pay the right tax and your money came in the eyes of the government. By not paying tax, your money is considered black money in the eyes of the government.

Uses of PAN Card in 2022

PAN Card is a very important role in the life of all of us. There are also many people, who use PAN cards. But those who do not use should also use it. Because it is not necessary that a card is used only for business and jobs. Most PAN cards are used to pay income tax. yes, you can use this number in your Bank Account. All people are used to transact PAN cards in their daily life.

You can use the card as your identity on the train or anywhere. because it is your Identity. On which all information about you is given. A Permanent Account Number may be required at any time, so everyone should have a PAN card. If you think that you will not need a card then you are wrong. In today’s new generation, the use of pen cards has started taking place everywhere. Like you have to finance anything or deposit more cash in the bank.

What PAN Card 10 digit Number Mean

What is the 10 digit word on the Permanent Account Number? It is your permanent account number. The Income-tax department, which you need, is used to pay taxes. And it contains all the information about you.

The first five letters are alphabets of English. The next four is the digit number. And finally, there is an English alphabet again. This is the 10 digit number of the PAN card. The person about whom all the information is given, now we know what all these 10 digits mean.

From the first five alphabet numbers in the pen card, 3 alphabet numbers starting from A to Z are taken from the middle. These numbers can be anything. The fourth alphabet depends on what you are taking for.

A – Association of Persons

B – Body of Individuals

C – Company

F – Firm

G – Government

H – Hindu Undivided Family

L – Local Authority

J – Artificial Juridical Person

P – person

T – Trust

The 5th alphabet is taken by looking at the person’s name and surname. if someone’s name is Sagar Verma, then S or V is taken from it. And after that which is taken from 6 to 9 digits. They range from 0001 to 9999. Which is the last of the alphabets. A formula is formed by looking at these 9 characters, and the last alphabet number comes out of it. In this way, 10 digits of our PAN card are made.

Benefits of PAN Card 2022

Do you know what the benefits of PAN cards are? Now we will know about its benefits. If you are a new user of a PAN card, then you will not know about its benefits. Today I am telling you some points about its benefits. And those who know about PAN cards must also read these benefits there. There are some benefits mentioned in it which you may not even know.

  • An identity card comes in handy while traveling on a train.
  • Pen cards are also used for mobile, car, bike, or TV finance. With its help, you can get any kind of finance done.
  • One advantage of this is that with the help of a card, you do not face any problem in taking any kind of loan. And you can get a loan easily.
  • The is used to open a current account in the bank and for taking a swipe machine from the bank, a Permanent Account Number is also very important.
  • With its help, you can easily fill the income tax.
  • If You are applying for a job. then you can use Pan Number for identity
  • To make more than 50,000 transactions with the bank, you have to have a card mandatory in all banks.

Why PAN Card is Important

Now we will talk about why a PAN card is important. In today’s new daily life, pen cards have started being used everywhere. You all will know that it works from bank to finance. But people who may not have heard about the PAN card must know.

  • First of all, the users pay income tax. Because we can pay income tax only through the card. With this, the complete information about the tax we are paying is given in the 10 digit number in the Permanent Account Number card.
  • We can use a card to open an account in the bank and also it is used to deposit money in the bank.
  • This card is used to make a passport. It does not bother us to go outside India. If you do not have one, you will not be able to create a passport.
  • You invest your money anywhere like a mutual fund where you have to use.
  • In the coming times, PAN cards can be made mandatory in all things.
  • Pen cards are useful in buying and selling properties. Apart from this, you are also used to purchase a car or any major option.

How to Apply PAN Card 2022

When the card was introduced, it was made for government employees only. But with time card was made compulsory for all people. This means that anyone can make it now. Even if a person is outside India. When it was introduced, it was difficult to make a PAN card. But with time it has become easier to create it. You can make it in two ways. Let’s know which of the two dates are there.

First of all, you can make your PAN card by visiting the official site of the Income Tax Department. There you have to fill in all the details and they have to be charged, you will have to give it from net banking. For this, we have given you here below.

The second way is that you can get your card made by visiting the PAN card service center. For that, you will have to go to the service center and submit the necessary documents.


You are going to get a PAN card. You have to find out what are the necessary documents required to make a PAN card. So that you can make it easier. Make sure that the person whose are getting is made. Documents are also quickly changed by the same person. Because of which you may face trouble.

Identity Proof

You will need the following documents for identity proof to verify.

  1. Passport
  2. Voter ID card
  3.  Aadhar Card 
  4.  Ration card
  5.  Driving License

Address proof

For address proof, you will need the documents given below.

  1. Aadhar Card
  2.  Passport
  3.  Voter ID card
  4. Driving license
  5.  Passport

Birth certificate For the birth certificate you will need the documents given below.

  1. .Aadhar Card
  2.  Birth certificate
  3.  Driving license
  4. Passport
  5. Matric Certificate

New Photo

You need two new passport size photos when you apply. Photos must be new. Due to old photos, you may face problems later.

Take a photocopy of all the documents and stapler it well. Along with this, you will get your signature. The government of India has made PAN cards mandatory in all banks. And along with this, as the Aadhar card is compulsory everywhere, the PAN card has also been made compulsory everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions of PAN Card

What is the full form of a PAN card?

The full form of a pen card is a permanent account number card.

What is a PAN card called in Hindi?

PAN card is called स्थाई लेखा संख्या कार्ड in Hindi

What does PAN card work for?

The PAN card is used by the Income Tax Department to pay taxes. Apart from this, a PAN card has also been made mandatory in the bank.

How much does it cost to have a PAN card?

If you apply online, it costs around ₹ 100. And if you apply online, then it costs you 100 to 150 rupees.

Who has issued a pan card?

Income Tax Department Government of India has issued PAN card

Is it necessary to link PAN card and Aadhaar card?

It is mandatory to link Aadhaar card and PAN card as per Supreme Court decision

In how many days does a PAN card come?

In 15 to 20 days after filling the PAN card application form, you get a PAN card. But in today’s first generation, the applicant gets a PAN card in 2 to 3 days.

On what date was the PAN card issued?

How a Laminated Card is made in India under the Pen Card India Act, 1961. Which was created by the income tax department (CBDT). The full form of CBDT is Central Board for Direct Taxes.

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