IPO Allotment & List of Upcoming IPOs in 2022

Hello, friends welcome to our blog and today we will tell you about IPO. So let us start our post and know what is IPO and how it works. And how you can take advantage of IPO. And if you want to know about IPO in this post, then what is our list of IPOs. Read completely so that you can get all the information related to IPO.

What is IPO Full Form, Work, how to invest & earn money from IPO. List of Upcoming IPOs Allotment status, SEBI, NSE, BSE, IPOs.

First of all, we know what is IPO. So if I tell you in easy language, IPO (Initial Public Offering) is when a new company issues its shares in the market. So this process is called IPO. This is where people invest. So that the company gets listed and manages the shares through the stock market.

So just now I have given you a little introduction about what is an IPO. Now we know more things related to IPO in the post below and start our post.

What is IPO?

IPO is a process through which new companies come to the market bring their shares into the market. So that people can buy their shares. And if there is an investment in the shares by the people, then the company will also benefit from it, this is what IPO is called. IPO is called a public offer in Hindi which is the same for all.

That is, the shares issued by any limited company are called IPO. So that whichever new company is there, it can hold its own in the market.

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IPO Full Form

The full form of IPO is “Initial Public Offering“.

How to Invest in IPO

If you are thinking of investing in IPO, then let me tell you that IPO can be a risky investment.
But whenever a company issues an IPO. Then the company gives the maximum time of 10 days for the investors of the share market. And some of the same companies give only 3 to 4 days.

Anyone who wants to invest in IPO can buy shares by staying in this time period. And to buy IPO shares, you can either buy directly from the company’s website. Or you can buy through any recognized brokerage.

If the price of the IPO is fixed at once, then you have to buy the IPO at the same fixed price. But apart from this, the book building of IPO has already been issued. So you will have to bid on this issued book building. If there is one main process of investing in an IPO.

How IPO Works

As I told you IPO is mostly issued by new companies only. Now in this as long as the company keeps the ownership in itself before issuing the IPO. And in that company also there are investors, it is very less like the owner of the company also invests. Along with this, there are some partners of this company and apart from this, there are also some such investors. Those who invest in the company even after looking at the idea of ​​the company, but despite this, the company is very limited.

Now in, when the company issues IPO, then the company has done all its development through the stock market. That has been limited but when the public money is invested in the IPO by the stock market investors.

The company then reaches its next growth stage. In this, the company can grow further through the money of its IPO investors. Due to which the company benefits further and the investors who have invested money also get benefits.

But when any company issues IPO then it is a very big and important step for any company. Due to which the company gets direct benefit only in the form of money. In such a situation, there are many stock market investors who do not buy shares through IPO.

What is the main reason for Bringing IPO

The biggest reason for bringing an IPO is that. If any company needs more investment to grow its business. And the company does not have funds to invest. Then in such a situation, the company deposits funds by issuing IPO and invests the deposited funds in its business. Due to this, the company develops and the company gets profit.

Complete Process of IPO Allotment

Talking about the process of IPO allotment, when the opening and closing of IPO takes place. Then all the companies allot the IPO, under which whoever has invested in the IPO. IPO is allotted to him separately and only once the IPO is allotted to all the investors. After this, they are also listed on the stock exchange.

And after completing this process, all the investors who are there can buy and sell their shares.

Can You Invest in IPO?

If we talk about investing, then any person can invest in IPO. But investing in IPO is also considered risky. So if you allot the IPO of a new company. Then you should invest in its IPO keeping in view the future of the company. Because if the company goes into loss, you will also go into loss. So keep this thing in mind.

How to Earn Money From IPO?

Bank also earns money from IPO if funds are invested by the bank in IPO. And like IPO, the stock is listed on the stock exchange ie the stock market. Then if the shares of the IPO are bought by the bank even before listing on the stock market.

And later the shares of the IPO are released to the public. Then the bank can earn money on the difference between the fund which the bank has invested and the public has bought the shares.

If we talk about IPO, then IPO is a very big process. And if you are a common person and want to buy the share of IPO and also want to take advantage. Then if you use any such platform to buy shares, then be confident. And along with getting you the IPO fund, you are also telling when you have to sell your IPO share and when to buy it. Then you can go anywhere and earn your money by investing in IPO.

Upcoming IPOs in December 2022

Issuer CompanyPrice Band (Rs.)Issue Size (Rs Cr)IPO Open & Close
Shriram Properties Limited IPO113-118600 Cr.08 Dec-10 Dec 2021
Metro Brands Limited IPO485-5001365 Cr.10 Dec-14 Dec 2021
C.E. Info systems limited IPO1000-10331039 Cr.09 Dec-13 Dec 2021
Medplus Health Services Limited IPO780-7961395 Cr.13 Dec-15 Dec 2021
HP Adhesives Limited IPO262-274125 Cr.15 Dec-17 Dec 2021
Data Patterns Limited IPO555-585588 Cr.14 Dec-16 Dec 2021
Anand Rathi Wealth Limited IPO550660 Cr.02 Dec-06 Dec 2021
Adani Wilmar Limited IPO5000 Cr.Dec 2021
Go Airlines Limited IPO3000 Cr.Dec 2021
Rategen Travel Technologies Limited IPO405-4251335 Cr. 07 Dec-09 Dec 2021

List of Upcoming IPOs in 2022

Issuer Company Price Band (Rs.) Issue Size (Rs Cr) IPO Open & Close
Aadhar Housing Finance Limited IPONAYear 2022
Puranik Builders Limited IPONA Year 2022
Narmada Biochem Limited IPO90 Cr. Year 2022
Penver Products Limited IPONA Year 2022
National Insurance Company IPONA Year 2022
Bharat Hotels Limited IPONA Year 2022
Powerica Limited IPO800 Cr. Year 2022
Capital Small Finance Bank LimitedNA Year 2022
Oravel Stays Limited IPONA Year 2022
Delhivery Limited IPO7460 Cr. Year 2022
Hariom Pipe Industries Limited IPONA Year 2022
Lava International Limited IPONA Year 2022
Vedant Fashions Limited IPONA Year 2022
India1 Payments Limited IPO150 Cr. Year 2022
Healthium Medtech Limited IPO390 Cr. Year 2022
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Limited 1000 Cr. Year 2022
Popular Vehicles and Services Limited150 Cr. Year 2022
Go Airlines IPO3000 Cr. Year 2022
NCDEX IPO 1700 Cr. Year 2022
Bajaj Energy Limited5450 Cr. Year 2022
National Stock Exchange IPO4000 Cr. Year 2022
Flipkart Limited IPO1000 Cr. Year 2022
BMW Ventures Limited IPO400 Cr. Year 2022
Chartered Speed Ltd IPO250 Cr. Year 2022
ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO1000 Cr. Year 2022
Studds Accessories Limited IPO450 Cr. Year 2022
Harsha Engineers Limited IPO500 Cr. Year 2022
Century Metal Recycling IPO700 Cr. Year 2022
HDB Financial Services Limited IPO9000 Cr. Year 2022
TCIL Limited IPO1500 Cr. Year 2022
Penna Cements Limited IPONA Year 2022
JSW Cements Limited IPONA Year 2022
SBI Mutual Fund Limited IPONA Year 2022
D.K. Enterprises Global IPONA Year 2022
Supriya Lifescience IPONA Year 2022

Upcoming IPOs in January 2022

Issuer Company Price Band (Rs.) Issue Size (Rs Cr) IPO Open & Close
LIC IPO80000 Cr. Jan 2022
Adani Wilmar IPO4500 Cr. Jan 2022
Ruchi Soya IPO4300 Cr. Jan 2022
Gemini Edibles & Fats IPO2500 Cr. Jan 2022
One Mobikwik Systems IPO1900 Cr. Jan 2022
Ixigo IPO1600 Cr. Jan 2022
OLA Cabs IPO1500 Cr. Jan 2022
Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO1100 Cr. Jan 2022
AGS Transact Technologies IPO800 Cr. Jan 2022
Skanray Technologies IPO400 Cr. Jan 2022

Upcoming IPOs in February 2022

Issuer Company Price Band (Rs.) Issue Size (Rs Cr) IPO Open & Close
Aadhar Housing Finance IPO7300 Cr.Feb 2022
Park Hotels IPO1500 Cr.Feb 2022
Sterlite Power Transmission IPO1250 Cr. Feb 2022
ESAF Small Finance Bank IPO1000 Cr. Feb 2022
Inspira Enterprise India IPO800 Cr. Feb 2022
Fusion Micro Finance IPO600 Cr. Feb 2022
Montecarlo Limited IPO550 Cr. Feb 2022
Puranik Builders IPO500 Cr. Feb 2022
ESDS Software Solutions IPO322 Cr. Feb 2022
VLCC Health Tsare IPO300 Cr. Feb 2022


As you will know SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) is a very big organization in Hindi Securities and Exchange Board of India. Which keeps an eye on all the stock market companies and has also kept an eye on the stock process like IPO.

If an IPO lists its shares in the stock market. So the company has to give complete information to SEBI. A company can neither go for IPO nor release in its stock market without coming into the eyes of SEBI. Because SEBI is an Indian government organization.

Advantages of IPO

  • When a company comes up with an IPO, it proves it. The company is taking its business forward.
  • If the company issues an IPO, then it can do more employees to work in its company. So that more and more business can be carried out.
  • If the company gets more funds from the issuance of IPO. So she can invest it in her business and earn more profit.
  • And when a company issues an IPO and you invest in it. Then you can also take profit yourself by investing in this company.
  • IPO is a common process and it has also been approved by SEBI. But it depends on you which IPO share you buy.
  • Investing in IPO is fine, but if you want to invest, then buy IPO shares in the right company only through the right broker.

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In today’s post we have learned that what is IPO? What is the full form of IPO, how to earn money by investing in IPO. Apart from this, we have also known about Upcoming IPOs. If you have any doubts related to Initial Public Offering (IPO), you can ask in the comment section.

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