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As you know, there is awareness among people about cryptocurrency in today’s time. And in earlier times a lot of investment was done by the people in the stock market. But now many people are investing in cryptocurrency apart from the stock market. If you do not know much about crypto then today I will tell you about Ethereum in this post. Like what is Ethereum and is it safe to invest in Ethereum or not, so let’s start the post.

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In the earlier times, people did not have so much awareness about the stock market. But nowadays, almost everyone will be public about the stock market and cryptocurrency. Now there are many people who are afraid to invest in all these things and also take advantage by investing some.

Now invest in it or but this is what I would advise you. If you want to invest in things like the share market and Ethereum. Then you will need to learn first then only you will be able to take advantage of them.

And if you want to invest then you can start with only 1000 and 500 rupees. This can be the right choice for you in the early days. So let us now go ahead with the post and try to know what is Ethereum and how can one invest in it.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a Crypto Coin that comes under a cryptocurrency. And it is bought and sold online, it is not a physical currency. In today’s time, cryptocurrency is the second coming cryptocurrency in the crypto market after bitcoin. You can do trending and invest in both Ethereum and Bitcoin.

You need to have a trading app for trading and investing in CryptoCurrency. and You can use apps like Coin Switch Kuber and Binance to invest. But first, get good information about them.

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What is the Current Rate of Ethereum

At present, the World Wide Rate of Ethereum is Rs 3,05,049.86. And if we talk about the rate of Ethereum in dollars, then at present the rate of Ethereum is 4,046.51 United States Dollars. And in the recent past, the rate of Ethereum had reached 500 dollars. Then many people made money by investing in it.

What is Another Name for Ethereum

As you have already read our post. So you must have known the short name of Ethereum but I want to tell those who do not know. The short name of Ethereum is Ether (ETH) and it works on Blockchain technology. And buying bitcoin may take you time but buying ETH can be done quickly. And through blockchain technology, you are able to do very secure transactions.

How Ethereum got started

By the way, Ethereum has been started long back on 30 July 2015. But from then till now it was not permanent. But it was released in a completely permanent form on 5 August 2021. That is, anyone can easily buy and sell it.

The original authors of Ethereum are Vitalik Buterin and Gavin Wood. And the developers who built it are Ethereum Foundation, Hyperledger, Nethermind, OpenEthereum, EthereumJS all officially.

Is it safe to invest in ETH or not?

Well if it is safe to invest in ETH but it is up to you. How and on the basis of what data you invest in ETH or whether it is trending. So in a way, it is safe to invest in Ethereum or not, it depends on you.

What is the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

By the way, both Bitcoin and Ethereum are CryptoCurrency. But only after the arrival of bitcoin, people got to know about another cryptocurrency like this.

  • Bitcoin’s Robust is less and its weight is 0.1 whereas Ethereum’s Robust is more and its weight is 0.2.
  • Bitcoin is made from the code BTC, XBT. Whereas ETH is built in Go, Rust, C#, C++, Java, Python.
  • The founder of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto while the founder of ETH is Vitalik Buterin Gavin Wood.
  • Bitcoin was founded in 2009, followed by ETH in 2015.
  • The price of bitcoin is much higher than ETH and you need less money to buy ETH.

Why was Ethereum created?

After bitcoin, this was the purpose of creating the new world currency and Ethereum. When bitcoin became a currency that was becoming very popular among the people. And if anyone used to transact in this currency, then he was also completely safe. And no hacker was worried, but after that when bitcoin came into more discussion in 2015. Then ETH was brought in so that who is its founder. He can take advantage of it by making it as any business does.

After this, Ethereum was also bought by the people by the people. Now back to 2021, bitcoin came back into the limelight. And along with this many cryptocurrencies came into the discussion. Ethereum became the second most trending currency after bitcoin.

Where is the office of Ethereum Coin

Ethereum’s office is currently located in Zug (Switzerland) and Berlin (Germany). And till now there are about 468 Employees working in the company of Ethereum coin. And the logo of ETH Coin looks something like this.

Official website of Ethereum Coin

Link to Official Website of Ethereum Coin

How to buy Ethereum coin

If you want to buy Ethereum then you use any Android app or you use iOS. So you can use an app like Coin Switch Kuber App or Binance.

If you are buying any cryptocurrency for the first time. So you should use Coin Switch Kuber App only. Because through this application you can buy any cryptocurrency very easily.

You have to do your KYC to use this app. And after that, apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can also buy and invest in many cryptocurrencies.

How to make profit after buying Ethereum

If you bought ETH then at whatever cost you bought Ethereum. After that, you have to keep it with you till its price does not exceed the price you bought.

And once the price of Ethereum is higher than the price you bought, you sell it. So you will profit if you sell it at a price lower than the price at which you bought it and you will be at loss.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to have the knowledge of when the price of which currency will increase and decrease first. Only then can you take advantage of it.

How to see the live price of ethereum

If you have bought ETH then you want to see its live price. Then you can see through whatever app you are using. But you can see the live price at once by clicking on the button given below.

Ethereum Live Rate (INR)

Apart from this, you can also see Live Rate by going through Google. You have to search by typing Ethereum Price INR on Google. As shown in the image I have given below.

In today’s time, the Rate of ETH is Rs 3,05,049.86 and 4,046.51 United States Dollars to buy one ETH coin.

Note – You may also see its price changing every second. So if you always watch the Live Rate graph before buying any coin. And our purpose is only to give you information about Ethereum Coin through this post. We are not in any way promoting our visitors to invest and trend in any kind of currency.

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