What is Domain Name? Its Work, DNS and Provider Company

If all of you have ever created a website in your life, then all of you will know about the domain. If you are new to this field, then only you know about it. But those who do not know about it should not panic. Because in today’s post, we will talk about what is a domain name. How does a domain work? And how can you buy your domain? Today we will know all the information related to the domain in full detail.

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If you have all the doubts associated with the domain name in everyone’s mind, today all will be cleared in this post. For this you will have to complete today’s post, now we will know about it in very simple language.

A domain name is the name of your website. If your name is Pollard, then you will know the whole world by the name of Pollard. Just like if your website’s domain name is Prokeeda.com, then your website will be known by the same name.

There are millions of people in the world and they all have a name for their identity. Just like there are millions of websites in the world, there is a domain name to identify all the websites. There can be two persons of one name but two domains of one name are not available.

If once someone buys a domain for their website. So no one can get that domain name for the next year. If the person wants the domain name for two years, then the domain has to be renewed. If you also want to buy one of your domains, then you have a lot of websites for that. Today, we will also know about the domain company name and how to buy the domain.

What is a Domain Name?

As I have already told you that the domain name is the name of your website. Everyone knows your website by that name. DNS (Domain Naming System) is a system that identifies your website on the Internet. All the websites are linked to the background IP address. IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) This is a numerical address.

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The one who tells the browser that the said website exists on the Internet. If we collect in simple language, then any website is identified by IP address. Humans have problems remembering numerical addresses. That’s why IP addresses are known as domain names.

We can find many IP addresses with the help of a single domain name. Google.com is a domain name for example that refers to hundreds of IPs. The URL of the domain name is used to find any particular website. Domain names can be made up of any number of characters such as letters, numbers, characters.

The domain name is for all websites such as education, bank, school, government ID, etc. Everyone has a different domain name. If you want a domain related to education, then you can get a domain called education.com. If you are not getting this name, then you can also take another name related to education.

There are many platforms available for creating websites on the Internet. Any website that is created on the Internet is given an IP address. If anyone searches your website on the Internet, then he cannot remember the IP address. Therefore, an IP address has been given the name of the domain so that people remember the name of the website. The domain name is much easier to remember than the IP address.

What is a Domain Name System (DNS)

Now we know what is the Domain Name System. If you all use the Internet, then all of you should know about DNS (Domain Name System). You can also call DNS as a domain name server and domain name service. All the networks in the world are connected to one IP address in some way.

It connects the internet from one computer to another with the help of an IP address. For this, you should know its IP address. Ip addresses have numbers in four parts, which are between 0 and репрепреп. That means your IP address can be anything like 78.11.646.316, in this way your IP address can be anything.

All networks are connected to the IP address itself. For example, your mobile is of no ten-digit and the person whom you call calls the same. In the same way, all the websites you search on Google have an IP address. Which Google gives you on the same website.

Whenever you search a website, the domain name system tells what the IP address of that website is. So that anytime you search about that website, with the help of a Google IP address, you will have access to that website. Google is also a website, just as the IP address of all websites is Google, so is Google.

You cannot search any website without an IP address. All the people in the world do not have problems remembering names instead of numbers. Therefore, all the websites of the world have domain names. The task of the Domain Name System is to get you to the right IP address. Now all of you must have been in the society what is the Domain Name System.

How Domain Names Work

A domain name works with the help of an IP address. You all know that every website has a domain name. If you search about a website on the Internet, then its result comes in front of you. As soon as you search any website URL, the domain name system connects that website to its IP address. Which you can access to that website. You cannot access any website without an IP address.

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Types Of Domain Name

Now we will talk about how many types of domains are there. There are many types of domain names, but today you will be told about important domain names. Which you can easily choose the domain for your website. Now we know the types of domain name systems.

TLD – Top Level Domains

Top-Level Domains mean that the domains from which your website gets approved quickly. And in the eyes of Google, the level of your website is very good. You can also call top-level domains as Internet Domain Extension.

Today, you will get information about all the top-level domains. With the top-level domain, your ranking increases quickly and you are SEO friendly. Top-level domains come at the top in the DNS structure. The ranking and approval of your website also depend on it.

See below some examples of TLD extensions.

.com – For commercial
.org – For organization
.net – For network
.gov – For government
.edu – For education
.name – For name
.biz – For business
.info – For information

CcTLD – Country Code Top Level Domains

CcTLD uses the domain to identify any country, but it is done by keeping a particular country in view. This type of domain is used according to a particular country. You can see their example below.

See below some examples of CcTLD extensions.

.us – United States
.in – India
.ch – Switzerland
.cn – China
.ru – Russia
.br – Brazil

Subdomain Name

Now we know what is a subdomain. All of you have just learned about the top-level domains, which are the top-level domains. But now I will tell you what a subdomain is. A subdomain is free, they do not have to be purchased. You can create a subdomain of the main domain you buy.

You do not have to spend any money on this. Because the subdomain remains the same in the main domain. As my top-level domain is Prokeeda.com, I can make it Hindi.Prokeeda.com and English.Prokeeda.com. There is no need to spend any money on this, it is absolutely free.

Top-Level Domain Provider Companies

If you want to create your own website, then you have to choose a top-level domain. Only then you can create your website, it is necessary to buy a domain to create a website. It is difficult to create a website without buying a domain, but with a top-level domain, everything is easier.

If you want to create a website for your business, then you also have to buy a domain for it. Every small website in the world has to buy a domain. Because only their domain gets a name from the domain that everyone knows. Now I am going to tell you the name of the top-level domain provider from where you can buy your domain.

  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • BigRock
  • Net4 India
  • Square brothers
  • India Links
  • 1and1

How to Choose a Domain Name?

  • Whenever you buy a domain, the domain name should be short. It is not a problem to remember a short domain name.
  • Domain swings from your niche, if you put an article in the field of education, then you buy the domain related to education.
  • Your domain name should be unique. Never, ever see the name of others.
  • Buy as many top-level domains as you can.
  • Never buy a domain with a symbol and number.


What are the types of domains?

There are several types of domains such as TLD (Top Level Domain), Subdomain, (Country Code Top Level Domains) CcTLD.

Where should we buy the domain?

This is an online domain shopping site from which you can buy domains. GoDaddy, Namecheap, BigRock, Net4 India, Square brothers, India Links, 1and1.

What is the full form of DNS?

The full form of DNS is Domain Name System.

What is the full form of TLD?

TLD full form is Top Level Domain.

What is the full form of CcTLD?

CcTLD full form is Country Code Top Level Domains.

What are the top-level domains?

Top level domain is .Com, .Org, .Net, .Gov, Edu, .Name, .Biz, .Info.

What are the Country Code Top Level Domains?

Country Code Top Level Domains is .us – United States .in – India .ch – Switzerland .cn – China .ru – Russia .br – Brazil.

Last Words

In today’s post, we have learned what Domain Name System DNS is. Where should you buy top-level domains and which are the top-level domains? How do you select a domain for your website? How did you feel about today’s article, please tell me by commenting? If you have any doubt about today’s article, then you can ask by commenting.

Our team will definitely clear all your queries. If all of you want more information about the domain, then you must tell by commenting. If you want information about hosting, then you should visit the home page of our website Prokeeda.com. There you will get to learn a lot of new things. Our team fully hopes that you will surely like the information given in today’s article.

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