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Today we will get information about what is distributed system is. What are the advantages and disadvantages of distributed computing? How does a distributed system work and what is its example? Apart from how many types of distributed computing are there, we will also know about it in full detail.

What is distributed system & computing? advantages, disadvantages, types, & examples of a distributed systems.

Distributed systems are also known as distributed computing. Many of you people must have heard the name of the distributed computing system. But some people do not understand what it is and how it works. But if you do not know about it, And those who already have information about it. those people should also complete this post. Because today we will know about it in full detail.

If you want to know all about Distributed Computing. So for that, you should know about cloud computing. If you know about cloud computing and distributed computing, then you can become an expert in computing.

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It is a type of computing network in which many types of computers are connected. This includes Personal Computer, Mainframe Computer, Minicomputer, etc. can be added. Distributed computing creates a network that can function as a single computer.

If in this type of computing system, if the computer is too close to the other. So they are connected through the Local Area Network. And if they are geographically distant from each other then they are connected by Wide Area Network.

Today we will know through this post what is a computing distributed system. Now we will know in very simple language what it is and how it works. If you want to know about Distributed Computing systems, then definitely read this post from beginning to end.

What is Distributed System?

Definition of Distributed System: “When several autonomous computers are combined and used as a single system, it is called a distributed system”. The distributed system is also called distributed computing. In this community, no matter how far away the computers are, they can be connected. And they can be connected even if the computer system is nearby. It is a group of many computers from which many computers work for one system.

If the computer is connected in one place then it is called LAN Distributed System. And if all the computers are connected at different places then it is called WAN Distributed System. It is a group of many computers and all the computers in this group work together. All computers form part of distributed computing by connecting LAN and WAN distributed system software.

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Now we understand distributed computing in a very simple language. For example, suppose you have a clothing showroom and ten customers come to your showroom at the same time, then you cannot do the work of ten customers simultaneously.

For that, you have to hire a logo to work in your showroom. So that your work is also done and no customer goes empty. In the same way, a software company or other company has more work. So he makes a group of many computers and works for the same company.

After processing many Computers, Networks, and Servers, the Internet finally asks the user. But the user does not know that the Internet comes to him after going through so many processes. Similarly, you do not know how many computers have been connected to make any big software.

Example of Distributed System

Now we know what is the example of distributed computing. A lot of work has to be done to tell people about its example. Some people know what is distributed computing. But they do not know what its example is.

  • Distributed rendering in computer graphics
  • Aircraft control systems
  • Industrial control systems
  • Network file systems
  • Peer-to-peer networks
  • Massively multiplayer online games
  • Telephone networks and cellular networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Computer networks such as the Internet
  • Routing algorithms
  • Distributed database management systems
  • Network file systems
  • Distributed information processing systems
  • Scientific computing
  • Including cluster computing

Why is Distributed System necessary?

The distributed system is a complex system that is very difficult to manage. But it is very important for big work. In this, the work is distributed among all the computers, so that the work is done easily. Its help helps increase the server’s capacity and is used to upgrade the hardware of the database server.

Now we understand it is a very simple language for example. Suppose there is a website on which millions of people visit every day. And which is accessed by a limited number of users on the LAN. If a small server is added to that website, then the website’s server may crash because of the high user base. For this, many computers work for the same server to create a big server.

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In such a situation, if the server is given bigger then the traffic can be handled easily. In this way, scaling is also done in the distributed system, so that any work can be done quickly.

Advantages of Distributed System

Now we know what are the advantages of distributed computing. Many people are not aware of its benefits. If you use it then you should be aware of it. If all of you do not know its benefits, you can know in the points given below.

  • It is very easy to use it looks like a Windows Explorer.
  • With its help, you can also edit your file online.
  • You do not have to install additional hardware to use this technology.
  • In this, the data stored by you is completely safe.
  • The company can do more or less computing according to its need, this benefits the company a lot.
  • Many service providers also provide you some free services like in Google Drive you get up to 15GB of storage for free.
  • With its help, you can share any size file, there is no limit on any file size.
  • If you have stored your data in it, then you can use it on another device also by login email.
  • With its help, you can use the same file in different places.
  • With its help, you can access your documents anywhere and anytime in the world.

Disadvantages of Distributed System

Now we know what are the disadvantages of a distributed system. If you want to know the disadvantages of distributed computing. Lucky Patcher APK

  • There is also a risk that anyone can access your data.
  • There is a lot of problem in managing the data of the distributed.
  • With the help of the internet, any hacker can hack your data.
  • You need the internet to use it. You can use it without an internet connection.
  • The problem of data loss may arise during sharing between machines.

Best Distributed Computing Courses

Do you all know what are the top 10 distributed computing courses? If you do not know about the Best Distributed System Course. So now we will know which are the top distributed computing courses.

  • Real World Vagrant For Distributed Computing
  • Distributed Systems & Cloud Computing with Java
  • In-memory Infinispan Caching
  • Yahoo Pulsar Tutorial for Beginners
  • Python Celery for Distributed Tasks and Parallel Programming
  • Understanding Distributed Systems: The Complete Guide
  • Distributed Tasks Demystified with Celery, SQS & Python
  • Jaeger – Distributed Tracing for Cloud-Native Applications
  • C# Remoting Build Client / Server Database Applications
  • Real World Vagrant For Distributed Computing

Types of Distributed Systems

There are three types of distributed systems, distributed computing systems, distributed information systems, and distributed pervasive systems. Now we will know about these three in full detail. If you do not know about these three types of distributed computing. So now we know how many types of distributed systems.

  1. Distributed computing systems

2. Distributed information systems

3. Distributed pervasive systems


Distributed System Models

Now we will learn about Distributed System Model, Models of Distributed System, and Distributed Computing Models in very simple language. If you do not know about them, then now we will know what are computing models. There are four types of distributed system models.

  • Architecture Model
  • Interaction Model
  • Fault Model
  • Security Model

Architecture Model: Distributed computing connects all the components of a computer system such as hardware and software. Architecture Models have two parts Client-Server Model and Peer Peer Model. Client-Server Model are used more, and Peer to Peer Model are used less. In this, the server which is there provides the services and the client receives the service.

Interaction Model: There are two types of Interaction Models synchronous distributed system and asynchronous distributed system. In synchronous distributed computing, the active environment of the client and the server is very much needed. This means to say that both must be present at the same time. And in asynchronous distributed computing it is the complete opposite. In this, the client and the server do not need to be active.

Fault Model: There are three types of Fault Models omission fault, arbitrary fault, and timing fault. If you are sending a message to the receiver. And that message is disappearing from the middle, it is called omission fault. The computer completes such tasks that it should not do, such tasks are called an arbitrary fault. And the last is the timing fault. The system inside it does not finish the work within time.

Security Model: If you share something from one computer to another, then the security model does the job of its security.

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