What is Computer (2023) | Computer Definition, Full Form & Types

What is Computer:- There is no person in the whole world who does not know about computers. Everyone knows about computers, from young children to elders. The computer is for online work and can be used in offline work also. But many of you are also like this. Those who have only heard the name of the computer and do not know about it.

Today we will know all the information related to computers in this post in full detail. what is Computer? Today we will talk about the history of computers, types of computers and advantages and disadvantages of computers.

A computer is a machine that runs according to the instructions given by you. A computer is a device that is used by all the people of the world. The word computer is derived from the Latin word “computer”. The first mechanical computer in the world was designed by Charles Babbage. Also known as Analytical Engine.

A computer is a machine that takes data from us by “input”. And “processing” that data. And by “Output” the data shows processed data.

Input Data → Processing → Output Data

In today’s era, everyone is using computers. There would be no such house left in the world where the computer is not used. Most people in the world have computers available. Many Surrey Inventions are done with the help of the computer.

There is such an inventor of computer science, with the help of which your life has become easier. Has it ever come to your mind? What would happen if the computer was not invented? All the apps you use. All of them have complete computer support. Because all the apps were made with the help of a computer. Now we will know what is a computer.

What is Computer ? | Computer Definition, Full Form & Types 2023

What is Computer?

Computers are used all over the world, but do you all know what a computer is? A computer is such an electronic device. Which runs according to our instructions. “Inputs” are the questions we ask. And “processes” the questions we ask by processing. And after the “output” process is complete, you can see its answer.

A computer is an electronic device used to perform rapid calculations. With the help of the computer, you can easily learn about anything. A computer is such a device that you can know the answer to any question in a few seconds.

History of Computer

The computer was invented 2000 thousand years ago. Then the computer was started with Abacus. The abacus is made of wood which consists of two wires. The first computer in the world was invented by Blaise Pascal, it was built in the year 1642. Computer work started in 1671 which was completed in 1694.

The history of computers can be seen by combining different genera. Every generation of computers made many changes in it. Whose basic computer methods changed. Because of this, the computer was given even a smaller one. Computers became increasingly powerful and more effective devices. Here the development of computers is divided into generations. Today we are all using computers.

#. First-generation computers (1940-1956): Vacuum tubes.

#. Second-generation computers (1956-1963): Transistors

#. Third-generation computers(1964-1971): Integrated Circuits

#. Fourth-generation computers(1971- Present): Microprocessors

#. Fifth-generation computers(Present and Beyond): Artificial Intelligence

First-generation computers (1940-1956): Vacuum Tubes

In the first round of computers, magnets and circuitry were used for computer memory. Because of this, computers were very large and they were difficult to use. Because it was very expensive and consumed more electricity. Along with this, they used to generate more heat here due to which they also get spoiled. For this reason, Vacuum tubes were used in the first generation.

Second-generation computers (1956-1963): Transistors

In the second generation, transistors were used instead of vacuum tubes. The transistor was discovered in 1947 but was used in 1950. The vacuum here was a lot more sophisticated than the tube. Due to this the computer became smaller and started running faster. More reliable than first-generation computers. However, transistors generate too much heat. But the vacuum is much better than the tube. Second-generation computers also relied on punch cards for input and ringtones for output.

Third-generation computers(1964-1971): Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits were used in the third generation. In which the transistor was truncated and applied to the silicon ring. Which is also known as semiconductors. With his help, the computer’s capacity and speed increased. Monitors, keyboards, and operating systems were used in third-generation computers. In the third generation, the computer could reach a larger category. Because its size was much smaller than the first generation computer.

Fourth-generation computers(1971- Present): Microprocessors

The micro process was used with the help of the fourth generation of computers. In which thousands of Integrated Circuit were made in a single silicon chip. Whose computer size became even smaller. In 1971, Intel made all the necessary things into a small chip. Today you can connect many computers with the help of the internet. And the fourth generation computer also developed the mouse.

Fifth-generation computers(Present and Beyond): Artificial Intelligence

Fifth-generation people have changed the entire face of the computer. Artificial Intelligence has dominated the Fifth Generation. Now new technology is used. This is such a generation where all work becomes automatic.

Who Invented Computer

Now we have learned about the computer’s history. Now we will know who invented the computer and when. The computer was invented in 1834 by Charles Babbage. If seen, many people are involved in the invention of computers. And he came out with the first Analytical Engine in 1937.

Charles Babbage introduced the concept of Basic Flow Control and Integrated Memory in the engine. Because of this, it helps to design today’s computers. Because of this, he is also called the father of computers.

Full Form of Computer

All of you should know that there is no full form of computer. However, the computer has an imaginary full form.

Computer Full Form- “Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Educational Research”

Best Definition of Computer

How many of you all know the definition of computer, now let us know the definition of computer.

“A computer is an electronic machine. Which processes calculate and handle the instructions given by you through hardware and software. It has the ability to input, process, and output data.”

Input- Input means to accept data.

Process- Process means processing data.

Output- Output means to produce data.

Types of Computers

What are the types of computers? Do you all know if you have ever thought about how many types of computers are there? There are many types of computers. Their size and shape are different. Earlier, their size and shape were the same. But the developers have brought many changes to it. Because of which today’s generation computers are better than before.

  • Mainframe Computer
  • Mini Computer
  • Micro Computer
  • Personal Computer
  • Super computer

# Mainframe Computer

Talking about the mainframe computer, its size is very big. There are many Surrey terminals connected to this computer. Because of this, the ability to work in them is very high. With this, these computers are very expensive. Because of this, it is used only in big companies. But people of today’s generation use it very little.

#. Mini Computer

The size of the mini computer is very small. And its power is very useful. A mini computer can do all the work that a big computer does. Minicomputers are used for small tasks. That is why this computer is the most used in the world. The minicomputer was invented in 1965 by a company named DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation).

#. Micro Computer

You can also use a microcomputer by placing it on a table. Its size was small. It is smaller in size than the Mainframe Computer. This computer was invented in 1970 by the IBM company. In today’s daily yoga, computer sizes are getting smaller. And there are a lot of developed ones as well. Microcomputers are used in homes, offices, schools, banks. Computers are also used for personal use.

#. Personal Computer

Personal computers are also known as PCs. You will get a Personal computer easily everywhere in the world. Because everybody uses it only. In today’s era, computers are getting smaller with the passage of time. But they have a lot of ability to work. This computer was developed in 1984. Named as Personal Computer Advanced Technology. Its operating system is capable of doing many things at once.

#. Super Computer

The supercomputer is the largest in size. In addition, its work capacity is very large. There are lots of Microprocessors and Devices in it. This computer is the most expensive, along with it it is also the most powerful. Supercomputers are used in science, space exploration, nuclear exploration, petroleum.

Where is Computer Used?

Now we will talk about where the computer is used. People who have computers know all about computers. But people who do not have a computer or have not used a computer. He does not know its importance. A computer is such an electronic device. With the help of which all our work is done easily. And with this help, we save a lot of time. We can easily learn about all the things in the world by connecting computers through the Internet.

#. Education

Education has progressed a lot with the help of computers. School or college students can easily know the answer to any question in a few seconds. Because of which all their dots are easily cleared. Online classes and online exams are taken. The use of computers made the mind of all the students very sharp. Apart from this, we can know all the information related to education through the computer.

#. Entertainment

You can also do your entertainment with the help of the computer. Such features have been provided with the help of which you can play games on the computer. You have been given a movie, video, photo, and many such options on the computer. Whose help you can do your entertainment. You can entertain yourself on the computer by connecting the Internet with social media such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, Telegram.

#. Business

With the help of a computer, you can do online business easily. Apart from this, you can keep your business document on the computer. If you do not do business online, you can also use the computer to make bills. You can see more of this at the Marketing and Retailing counter.

#. Health

Much progress has been written in the health department with the help of computers. Many patients are easily treated by this. Nowadays, all things have gone digital with the help of which disease is known. That is why all diseases are easily treated. And the treatment of all those diseases is also possible.

#. Scientist

You all know this scientist has done many inventions. Computer science has to be given. Many scientists use computers to make new inventions. All the scientists of the world work together with the help of computers. Which you can also call Collaboratory. Because of this new inventions are happening every day.

FAQ About What is Computer?

What is the full form of a computer?

Full form of Computer is Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technical and Educational Research.

What is the name of the father of computers?

The name of the father of the computer is Charles Babbage.

How does the computer work?

A computer is an electronic machine. Which input the instructions given by you. And by processing, it processes and outputs it.

What are the names of the five generations of computers?

First-generation computers (1940-1956): Vacuum tubes.
Second-generation computers (1956-1963): Transistors
Third-generation computers(1964-1971): Integrated Circuits
Fourth-generation computers(1971- Present): Microprocessors
Fifth-generation computers(Present and Beyond): Artificial Intelligence

Where is the computer used?

You can use computers for education, health and medical, scientific, inventions, entertainment, and business. If seen, the computer is used everywhere.

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