Types of Computer | Advantages & Disadvantages of Computer

Types of Computer: In today’s era, everyone uses computers. The computer has become a part of our life. Today computers are used all over the country. Everyone uses computers from the children to the elders.

A computer is an electronic machine. Which is used today in banks, offices, companies, schools, and colleges, etc. Today we will know how many types of computers are there. What are computer advances and disabilities? How to start and shut down your computer. Know about all of them.

Types of Computer? Advantages and Disadvantages of the computer. Benefits, Start, Shut Down.

What is Computer?

A computer is an electronic machine and device. Through which you can give input and take output. With the help of many software like computer system software and operating system, it gives you the output. A computer stores its data on a hard disk. And solves your problem through the same data.

Computers can do many things, such as video editing, image editing, document writing, web designing. Having a computer is a big thing for today’s generation. Because nowadays computer has become compulsory, having an educated man. The computer helps you a lot in your studies. At the same time, you can easily do all your work on a small device through a computer.

Types of Computer

There are many types of computers in the world, The computer is divided into three parts. Today we will know about all the three types of computers in full detail.

1. Computer-based on the mechanism
2. Computer-based on Purpose
3. Computer-Based on Size

Computer-based on Mechanism

Depending on the mechanism, the computer is divided into three different parts. Analog computers, digital computers, hybrid computers, now we will know about them in full detail.

#. Analog Computer

It is a computer. It is used to measure physical quantity such as current flow, temperature, blood pressure, heartbeats, length, pressure, etc. The speed of this computer is fast. It is used by computer scientists and engineers. We get the result of this computer from the graph. Analog computers do not have the ability to store data. Analog computers are those computers that work with the help of analog signals. This computer is used to process analog data. The first analog computer was developed in the world.

#. Digital Computer

It is a digital computer that runs with an electronic signal. It is known by the name of digital computer that it works by digit. A digital computer processes information and processes data from 0 and 1. 0 means OFF and 1 means ON. All data is processed by the binary system and its speed is very fast. In today’s time, all digital computers are used. Digital computer stores information. And digital computers are used to process numeric as well as non-numeric data.

#. Hybrid Computer

A hybrid computer is a computer that works by connecting analog computers and digital computers. This is because there is speed in analog computers and memory in digital computers. It has the properties of both computers. Digital form is used for calculating and processing in hybrid computers.

While the analog signal is used in input and output. Hybrid computers are used in hospitals, defense, and scientific fields. The speed of this computer is not higher than that of an analog computer, nor is it less than a digital computer. Hybrid computers are also used in scientific calculations (Defense and Radar Systems).

Computer-based on Purpose

It is also a kind of computer. The computer is divided into general purpose and special purpose on purpose.

#. General Purpose Computer

This is one such type of computer. Which is used in normal work. Such as scientific calculations, database management, word processing, letter typing, document preparation etc. are used. General-purpose computers can perform most operations. Because it can store different programs in internal storage. Currently, general-purpose computers are the most used in the world. And the ability to work in it is very high.

#. Special Purpose Computer

This is a computer designed for special use. This is for computer special Purpose. It is used to solve a particular problem. For this reason, Special Purpose Computer is also called Dedicated Computers. Such computers are used in space scientists, meteorological departments, satellite operations, research centers, traffic control, agronomic and medical fields, etc. Such computers are more powerful than general-purpose computers. There are many features in it that are similar to the general-purpose computer. It has a feature that is different from a general computer.

Computer-Based on Size

There are four types of computers depending on the size. Learn about Micro Computer, Miniframe Computer, Mainframe Computer, and Supercomputer.

#. Mainframe Computer

The mainframe computer is quite large in size and has very high efficiency. The number of microprocessors in this computer is very high. The ability to work in it is very high and the speed is very fast. In this, a large amount of data processing is done with the help of the internet. It is used in large companies, banks, research, space, etc. More than 100 people can use the mainframe computer simultaneously. They usually use 32 bits or 64 bits of the microprocessor.

#. Miniframe Computer

The Mini frame computer was invented in 1965 by the DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) company. The first computer was the PDP-8 refrigerator. A mini frame computer is usually smaller than a mainframe computer and larger than a microcomputer. It is of medium size to the size of the computer. It has more memory and speed than a microcomputer. More than one person can easily work on it. You can install many microprocessors on this computer. It is used in universities, business organizations, big offices, company.

#. Micro Computer

This computer was invented by IBM (International Business Machines) Company in 1970. The microprocessor is used in this computer. This computer is of general-purpose computer size. The microcomputer uses 8 bits, 16 bits, 32 bits, and 64 bits microprocessor. It can be used very easily. It is used in school, college, office, business, entertainment, and company. This computer is also called a PC (personal computer). The best feature of this computer is that it is cheap and small in size.

#. Super Computer

You can find out about this computer by its name that it is a supercomputer. Its size is bigger than all computers. And its capacity to work is very high. Such computers are designed on the basis of the non-von Neumann concept. It is used in scientific, space explorers, nuclear equipment, petroleum, meteorology. A supercomputer is very expensive and powerful, a lot of work can be done at the same time.

Other Types Of Computer

#. Workstation

First of all, you all should know what a workstation is. The workstation operates with the help of an Internet network connection. Workstations have more capabilities than microcomputers. This computer is used for scientific, engineer and business, etc. And it is the size of a microcomputer. This computer was invented for hard work.

#. Palmtop Computer

Palmtop Computer is a very small portable computer. It is so small in size that you can also keep it in your hand and run it. You can also call it a mini-computer. Keyboard input is done by voice in a palmtop computer. This computer is so small that you can use it as a mobile. You can also use this computer in remote areas where there is no electricity. Social workers use it

#. Laptop Computer

A laptop computer is a type of computer that resembles a notebook. Which you can use anywhere. You can easily move it from one place to another. It has all the facilities that are provided on the main computer. Chargeable batteries are used in laptop computers. This computer is fully powered by a battery. You can also add internet to it with WIFI and Bluetooth. This computer was produced by Gavilan in 1979. This computer is used for office, school, college, business, entertainment, and personal use.

#. PC- Personal Computer

This computer is used for personal work. It was made to be a computer that could do normal work. Microprocessor 8088 was used in PC. The capacity of the computer was increased by installing a hard disk. This computer is named PCXT (Personal Computer Extended Technology). You can easily use this computer by adding an internet connection. At present, personal computers are known for their short-form PC.

Benefits of Computer

  • You can use the computer for your entertainment. On this, you can easily watch videos, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, TV serials, etc.
  • You can also take exams online on the computer.
  • With the help of this, you can easily know the answer to any question.
  • By connecting the computer to the Internet, you can easily get information about everything in the world.
  • The best advantage of this is that you can know about any disease and treat it.
  • With the help of the computer, you can do business online. Apart from this, you can also sell products online.
  • The help of a computer makes your life easy. Because it contains all the information that you want to know about.

Advantages Of Computer

High Speed: A computer is a fast-moving electronic machine, in this, we can do many processes simultaneously. With the help of which all your work gets finished quickly.

Accuracy: A computer is a device that answers all your questions with accuracy. The purity of its work is much better than our work.

Storage: The storage capacity of a computer is very high. Any type of data can be easily stored on a computer. Its storage capacity can also be increased.

Communication: A computer is also a communication device. Who can also communicate with another computer with the help of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many more devices?

Reliability: A computer is a device that can perform one task repeatedly without any wear and tear. Apart from this, a computer is a device that perfects all work.

Disadvantages of Computer

Cyber Crimes: People do cybercrime with the help of computers. There is always a fear of many Surrey cyber attacks on it. Apart from this, the data of your computer can also be stolen or deleted.

Virus: Your computer can be damaged anytime due to a virus. The virus is one such thing that completely ruins your computer.

hacking: Hacking means hacking something. There are many people who hack your computer. Because of which all your data reaches the front.

High Cost: Everyone wants to use computers. But all people are unable to buy it. One of the reasons for this is that computers are very expensive.

Environment: A clean and clean environment is needed to use a computer. Because in a clean environment, this type of problem does not occur in computers.

How to Start Computer

There are many people among you who have difficulty in operating the computer. For this reason, today we will know how to start a computer. To start the computer, first, you need to turn on the power button. Where electricity is supplied to the computer from the wire.

If the computer is equipped with UPS, then you have to turn on the UPS button. You will see green color light on in UPS. This means that your UPS has started. UPS means that it works like a generator. Or there is only one type of generator.

Before you have to turn on your CPU, after that you have to turn on the power button of the CPU. After turning on the button, you will see a green light in the CPU. This means that your CPU is being turned on. And the computer screen will turn on. After that, the desktop will open. In this way, you can start any computer.

How to Shut Down Computer

How to shut down your computer. Do you all know how to do it? To shut down you have to click on the Start button. After clicking, you will see a power button nearby. After clicking on the power button, you will see the option to restart, sleep and shut down. If the computer has to be restarted, you click on the restart, and if you have to shut down, click on Shutdown. When the computer screen goes black, there will be a shutdown.

How does a computer work?

A computer is an electronic device. Which follows the instructions given by us. Answer any questions you ask. There are all kinds of computer devices in the world. They only have four tasks.

  1. Input
  2. Memory storage
  3. Processing
  4. Output

FAQ About Types of Computer

Which was the first computer in India?

India’s first computer came in 1966. Was named ISIJU. Why the Statistical Institute (ISI) and Jadavpur University together formed the first Transistor of India.

Who invented the computer?

The computer was invented in 1837 by the British mathematician Charles Babbage. He created an Analytical Engine which is said to be the first computer in the world. Charles Babbage is also known as the Father of the Computer.

What is a computer called in Hindi?

The computer is called “संगणक” in Hindi.

What are the types of computers based on size?

There are four types of computers based on size.
Mainframe Computer
Mini Computer
Micro Computer

Full form of computer?

The full form of computer is C – Commonly, O – Operated, M – Machine, P – Particularly, U – Used for, T – Technical and, E – Educational, R – Research.

Who controls all the functions of the computer?

CPU controls all the functions of the computer.

What is the definition of a computer?

A computer is an electronic device that takes input data and processes the input data by processing and giving the data by output.

Last Word – Types of Computer

Today we have learned about Types of Computers in this post. How to Start and Shutdown Computer Apart from this, we have learned about the Advantages and Disadvantages. If all of you have any doubt about this post, then you can ask for comment in succession. Our team will do the whole course you are clear.

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