Livu Mod Apk | LivU APK + MOD (Unlocked) v1.7.0 Download

Livu Mod Apk:- LivU Mod APK is designed for your features. Through this app, you can reach everyone easily and spend a memorable time. It is good to read different types of books, newspapers. but you can playbooks in newspapers. LivU premium mod apk you can also learn a lot Livu APK eliminates your boredom.

helps a lot to connect with friends from all over the world. With the help of this app., you can contact any of your friends at any time. these different types The best way to talk to people and know their thoughts is through this app. you can talk to each other and get different types of information.

Many people around the world feel lonely. Loneliness weakens any human being from the inside and his thinking power is also weakened to a great extent. Livu app is designed to overcome your loneliness through this app. You can overcome your loneliness as well as you can make new strangers friends. apart from this, you can overcome your loneliness by video call or chatting.

Through this app, you can meet people from 195 countries very easily. This is a very modern way. The livu app is very easy to use. So it is a popular and popular app but you should know that it is not free, however, some services are given free to use this app.

if you want to enjoy all the services, then you have to spend money on this app but I will not ask you to spend money on this app because livu You can also get the mod APK for free and there are many ways to get all its features for free. Today we will learn about many important features of this app.

LivU APK + MOD (Unlocked) v1.7.0 Download | Livu Mod Apk Download Latest Version for android & IOS | LivU Premium Apk Free

LivU Mod APK 2023 Unlimited Free Coins

Livu is a social application mode apk with the help of which people do their entertainment and video chat. When this app was released it was renamed lovu but currently, the developers renamed it livu to 3 million every day through this app. People meet their friends and understand each other’s thoughts

With the Livu app you will get the pleasure of meeting strangers, apart from this you can make new friends through this app and you will not even know who is your upcoming friends, the eagerness of this will remain in your mind and You will experience the opportunity to meet new friends every day, you can reduce the distance between you and your friends with this app and you can live life with enthusiasm in your life.

Through this app, you can also find your good spouse by chatting or video call to all the people around the world and this is a good way to talk to smart girls, similarly, girls can also find a good life partner through this app. Smart can talk to boys on video calls and chat so that their friendship turns into a relationship.

In this new age of today, everyone is worried about their lives Coronavirus is a global epidemic due to which all the people are nervous and hesitate to meet each other and spend more time at home to save their lives. In such a situation, the livu app helps you a lot to meet your friends and to know their thoughts, with the help of this app you can meet your friends in every situation and you can also make new friends, download this app for free and can be done.

Download LivU Premium Mod Apk Latest Version

Do you feel lonely like me and you also need a good friend to spend time with if you are a boy if you are interested in talking to boys or girls and if you are a girl you need to talk to girls Interested in or you can talk to boys by making a friend through this app.

Many people say that if we go out anywhere or feel bored at that time, we should download the livu app for free of boredom and find new friends using this app so that we Don’t feel bored and feel like you.

Information About LivU Mod Apk

Apk NameLivU Mod Apk
Size65.3 MB
Latest Version01.01.80
DeveloperLIVU Team
Requirement5.0 and up
Total Downloads10.5M+
Get OnGoogle Play Store

Information About LivU Pro+ Mod Apk

Livu is a popular live chat live video call app. Through this app, you can make a lot of new friends and put your thoughts in front of them. Through this app, you can meet people from more than 195 countries very easily and they are friends You can send Hello to talk to anyone, just swipe down and make new stranger friends. When others accept your request then you can meet them via live set or video call.

If you do not like a friend, do not take stress and swipe again. What is our viewpoint on specific tribes? can do

Initially, the name of this app was livU but later this app was named livu The science of this app is 65MB and the latest version is 01.01.80 This app has been developed by the LIVU team, this app has got 4.04 rating and It comes in the social category, its requirement is more than 5.0, it has 10 million downloaders all over the world, you will find this app on the Google Play Store, you can download it from the Google Play Store.

LivU Premium Apk 2023 All Features

Livu APK is a very good app because this app is not only good because it has a live video chat feature but also good because the quality of live video chat is much better than other apps, now we will know about its features

Easy & Free Signup: Signing up for this app is very easy. There are 3 ways to signup. In this app, you can use Facebook or Google to signup, you can also signup with your mobile number. But an OTP will come and you can signup in to this app.

Ads Free: When you use an app for any kind of entertainment or for some important work, then many types of advertisements appear in it. Due to which all of you people get upset and there is a lot of hindrance in running that app, which makes us less interested in that app, but it is not like that in the livu app. This app is absolutely ads-free app.

Global Matches: Through this app, you can talk to people of any country in the world and can also see their faces. It helps to connect all people around the world. We also use it to learn the language of many countries and We can talk to not only national but also international people.

Trust on LivU: This app also takes full care of the safety of its users, if any unbearable activity is caused by an administrator, then it is blocked forever and hence users trust this app more.

Random Person: The best feature of this app is that when we do a video live chat with someone, we are curious about it. Who will be our next friend and we are also interested in talking to new friends and also get all kinds of knowledge.

Funny Stickers: You can entertain by talking with your friends as well as sending gifts, emojis, and stickers. But there are some people who do not like sending stickers. And some people like it a lot but here it is not necessary that we have to send stickers. It’s up to us to use stickers or not.

Different Filters: livu mod APK gives you a variety of free filters. With which you can filter even during a video call. You will find these pictures on livu mod apk. And in the other apps, you are given a filter for photo editing. It has given you the facility to filter everything.

Messaging feature: Live chat on livu Pro APK shows beautiful bubbles flying on the screen. It makes us happier to chat live and makes us feel good.

How to Use LivU Premium Pro Mod Apk

Livu mod APK is considered to be a very good app, in that you can make your friends in any corner of the world and you can talk to them through live chat as well as by filtering it during a live video call. Features are very good features. If you also want to enjoy the features of this app, first of all, you have to download this app on your Android mobile so that you can enjoy this app.

First of all, you will download the livu premium mod APK on your mobile phone and signup to become a member of this app. There are 3 ways to signup. You can signup for this app from Facebook and Google and signup from your mobile number too. You can get an OTP on your mobile, by putting it, you can signup easily, in this app it is mandatory to open your account.

After this, you have to enter your profile, which will be attractive to everyone, from your profile, everyone will know you. Anyone checks your profile before becoming your friend and if they like your profile and your details, then they are interested in friendship with you.

Keeps your date of birth, name, and gender right in your profile, it does not make it difficult for you to find friends of your age, and the person in front does not hesitate to befriend us, after changing the details on all the apps, do not change it Can signup with Facebook and Google helps you a lot.

FAQ About LivU Mod Apk Latest Version

How to get unlimited coins in LivU App?

The original version will give you some coins as a reward. But this is not enough to make more friends. Therefore, people are in search of the mod version. It includes fascinating premium features for free.

Is LivU Premium Apk safe to use?

You should not worry too much about your safety. Your privacy is the most important priority for them. They try every single way to keep your account safe. Therefore, you can enjoy talking to random matches without burden.

Which application is best for video chatting?

There are several video chatting apps to overcome your loneliness. Tumile, Hello Yo, and meet are a part of this category. You can take a look at Livu Premium Mod Apk as well. This article includes everything about this mind-blowing item.

How to use LivU Premium Apk?

you can easily use LIVU Premium Mod Apk. when you install the first-time livU Premium apk on your device, then LivU apk guides you on “how to use this apk?” and you can use it for better conversation with another.

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