List of Nifty 50 Companies 2023 [Top 50 NSE] & How Nifty50 Works

Hello, friends today we will talk about what is nifty. Full form of nifty and list of nifty 50 company 2023 which is. Apart from this, we will know complete information about it. First of all, I would like to ask all of you about the previous post Share Market. I sincerely hope you must have liked that post.

If you want to get information about all Nifty50 then for that you have to read the previous post What is this share market. If all of you have not read the previous post, then you must read this post from beginning to end. Then all of you will come to know about what is Nifty and Nifty 50 company.

There are some people among all of you who do not know anything about this. And some people know about Nifty50. But today’s post is for both those people who know or don’t know about it. You all must have heard the name of the share market. Even if you haven’t heard it, I will tell you that all people invest money for their future on the stock market.

Whenever it comes to the share market, the name of Nifty comes at the top. If you all watch the news on TV, mobile, then you must have heard that there was a jump of ten digits in Nifty50.

Today Nifty50 closed by falling so many points and must have heard about it too. But those who are investing money in the share market for a puzzle or a second time. They do not know about what is nifty50, how it works, how nifty50 is made. If you all want to know the complete information about it, then definitely read the post from beginning to end.

What is nifty50? Difference between Nifty and Sensex. Top 50 Nifty Companies, Nifty Calculation, Full Form of Nifty and Nifty50.

What is Nifty?

Nifty is formed by mixing two words National + Fifty by combining these two to form nifty. The full form of Nifty is National Stock Exchange. It is one of the largest stock exchanges in the world. Nifty is formed by mixing the words National and Fifty, hence it is also called Nifty50.

Nifty has the top 50 listed companies on the National Stock Exchange (NSE). National Stock Exchange Top company’s shares are bought and sold all over the country. In Nifty50, shares of the same company are bought and sold, which comes in the top 50 in the National Stock Exchange.

You can see the top 50 company names of Nifty in the table below. 50 companies from 12 different sectors are indexed Nifty. Like Cement Sector, Automobile, Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Metals & Mining, etc. Apart from this, there are many sectors which you can see in the table below.

If there is any fluctuation in the Top 50 companies of Nifty, then its effect is visible on the economy of the country. Due to the ups and downs of Nifty, you keep getting more and less out of the stock. If the listed company makes a profit, then the share price of that company increases.

The economy comes in a strong position due to the increase in the share price of the company. If these top 50 companies suffer loss, then the share price of the company decreases. The economy of the country weakens due to the fall in the share price of the company.

Now all of you must have understood that what is Nifty. Nifty50 came down in 2009, at that time not only India but the whole world had to face recession. After that slowly Nifty started rising again and everything became as before.

Full-Form of Nifty

The full form of Nifty is “National Stock Exchange“.

Benefits of Nifty

Now we know what are the benefits of nifty. If seen, there are many benefits of nifty but today we will know about some major benefits.

  • Get to know about the ups and downs in the market.
  • If nifty goes down, then bearishness is detected in the market.
  • With the help of Nifty, we can find out about the economy of the country.
  • If the Nifty stays up then the country’s economy will be good.
  • We can find this out about the performance of the National Stock Exchange (NSE).
  • If the shares of listed companies in Nifty Fifty increase, the market improves a lot.

How is Nifty Made? [Nifty50]

How Nifty50 is formed As we have learned in this post that Nifty50 comes under NSE. There are 1600 companies listed in NSE (National Stock Exchange), out of those 1600 companies, the top 50 companies are kept in Nifty50.

These are the 50 companies whose shares are bought and sold the most in the market. The condition of the market is known from all these companies. If the shares of these companies fall, then it affects the economy of the country. If the shares of these companies rise, then the economy of the country is strengthened.

All these companies are associated with different industry sectors. In Nifty50 50 registered company names and industry sectors can be seen in the above table. 60% of the shares in the country are bought and sold by these companies. Whenever the shares of these companies are bought more in the country, there is less recession.

How Nifty50 Works

If you buy shares from all the stock markets then you must have heard about Nifty. But do you all know how big a stock exchange is this? The work of Nifty50 is to give us information about the listed company and market. We get to know which company’s shares are in high demand.

We get to know about how the Top 50 Listed Company of the National Stock Exchange works. If a company makes a profit, then the share price of that company increases. Due to this, the price of Nifty increases.

If a company suffers a loss, then the share price of that company decreases. Due to this, the Nifty price decreases. In the share market or stock market Nifty, the share price keeps on going up or down. But it affects the economy of the country. If it is going up it means the company is making a profit and the company makes a profit then the share price increases.

Bank Nifty: What is Bank Nifty

Do you all know what is Bank Nifty? Bank Nifty is also known as Nifty Bank. Bank Nifty means Bank Nifty. Nifty Bank was indexed by IISL (India Index Service Product Limited) in the year 2000. Listed in National Stock Exchange (NSE) Top 12 Bank Nifty Most information about the Indian banking sector is available.

Due to the volatility of the top 12 stocks of Nifty, it has a lot of impact on Nifty 50. Because in this Bank Nifty has a lot of shares and Nifty Bank shares are the most important shares. This list keeps changing over time and it also affects the Nifty 50.

Bank Nifty belongs to the banking sector and it is made up of 12 banks. The way Nifty is moving, we get to know from the ups and downs in Nifty. In the same way, we get to know from Bank Nifty how the banking sector is doing.

Bank Nifty is popular among all top 50 companies and it is made up of 12 banks. Sometime before today there were monthly contracts in Bank Nifty but now there are weekly contracts also. Bank Nifty volume is very high. The share price of Bank Nifty rises very quickly.

List of Nifty 50 Companies 2023 [Top 50 NSE]

List of Top NSE (National Stock Exchange) 50 Companies, Best NSE Companies, Top NSE Company

No.Nifty50 CompaniesIndustry SectorWeightage (%)52W High52W LowMarket Cap
1.NTPC LtdEnergy Sector0.04%116.8078.101,08,409
2.Grasim Industries LtdCement Sector3.05%1,507.00565.0095,996
3.Power Grid Corporation Of India LtdEnergy Sector0.00%239.80154.701,18,312
4.Tata Motors LtdAutomobile2.92%357.0091.801,08,059
5.ITC LtdCigarettes Sector-0.14%239.20163.402,57,378
6.Bajaj Finserv LtdFinancial Services2.81%12,190.004,900.001,88,109
7.Britannia Industries LtdConsumer Goods-0.15%4,010.003,201.0084,206
8.Coal India LtdMetals & Mining2.68%163.00109.5591,886
9.Tata Steel LtdMetals & Mining-0.16%1,247.00300.101,35,066
10.Oil & Natural Gas Corporation LtdEnergy Sector2.24%126.7064.101,54,297
11.Sun Pharmaceutical Industries LtdPharma sector
12.Indian Oil Corporation LtdEnergy Sector1.91%114.9571.651,05,862
13.Cipla LtdPharma sector-0.21%966.00618.9076,496
14.Larsen & Toubro LtdEngineering1.81%1,593.00843.002,12,130
15.Kotak Mahindra Bank LtdFinancial Services-0.25%2,049.001,228.803,59,754
16.Bajaj Finance LtdFinancial Services1.56%6,010.002,199.003,56,220
17.Infosys LtdInformation Technology-0.31%1,480.00675.005,92,085
18.Housing Development Finance Corporation LtdFinancial Services1.42%2,895.001,623.504,66,333
19.HCL Technologies LtdInformation Technology-0.31%1,074.00545.002,55,044
20.Hero Motocorp LtdAutomobile1.26%3,629.052,230.7060,143
21.Asian Paints LtdConsumer Goods-0.37%2,995.001,575.002,81,515
22.JSW Steel LtdMining1.07%773.00175.901,72,553
23.UPL LtdFertilizer-0.52%863.00398.1064,182
24.Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone LtdShipping1.05%885.00298.001,68,526
25.Bajaj Auto LtdAutomobile-0.58%4,361.002,580.501,23,686
26.Bharat Petroleum Corporation LtdEnergy Sector0.95%488.00324.901,02,812
27.Dr. Reddys Laboratories LtdPharma sector-0.62%5,515.003,816.0087,908
28.Divis Laboratories LtdPharmaceuticals0.65%4,284.502,095.801,12,321
29.Shree Cement LtdCement sector-0.70%32,050.0018,214.001,02,283
30.Indian Oil Corporation LtdEnergy Sector0.62%165.7081.2572,591
31.Reliance Industries LtdEnergy Sector-0.84%2,369.001,495.0014,93,910
32.Tech Mahindra LtdInformation Technology0.48%1,081.00528.5098,210
33.Hindustan Unilever LtdMetals & Mining-0.86%2,504.002,001.005,54,949
34.Ultratech Cement LtdCement Sector0.41%7,050.003,614.701,91,545
35.Eicher Motors LtdAutomobile-0.93%3,036.501,545.0075,678
36.Wipro LtdInformation Technology0.39%550.00206.402,95,330
37.Titan Company LtdConsumer Goods-0.95%1,702.00908.501,50,125
38.IndusInd Bank LtdFinancial Services0.34%1,119.00405.0077,805
39.Hindalco Industries LtdMetals & Mining-0.99%428.30137.1089,665
40.Hdfc Life Insurance Co LtdInsurance0.32%746.00486.901,37,190
41.Axis Bank LtdFinancial Services-1.11%800.00360.402,30,006
42.Mahindra & Mahindra LtdAutomobile0.29%952.20457.0099,716
43.ICICI Bank LtdFinancial Services-1.14%679.30323.204,50,086
44.SBI Life Insurance Company LtdInsurance0.17%1,040.40725.1098,721
45.HDFC Bank LtdFinancial Services-1.25%1,650.00928.008,38,853
46.Bharti Airtel LtdTelecom sector0.11%623.00394.102,92,231
47.State Bank Of IndiaFinancial Services-1.38%442.00169.203,92,371
48.Maruti Suzuki India LtdAutomobile0.09%8,400.005,222.002,17,723
49.Nestle India LtdFood Processing-1.97%18,821.0015,104.001,71,579
50.Tata Consultancy Services LtdInformation Technology0.05%3,359.002,001.0011,62,039

Nifty vs Sensex

Do you all know what is the difference between Nifty and Sensex? Nifty and Sensex both are stock exchanges but there is a lot of difference between these two. Now we know what is the difference between these two.

Nifty is a part of the National Stock Exchange (NSE). and Sensex is a part of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). There are 30 companies listed under the Sensex (BSE) And 50 companies are listed under Nifty (NSE).

Nifty was launched in 1995 and Nifty was launched in 1986. More than 1600 companies are registered in National Stock Exchange and more than 5000 companies are registered in the Bombay Stock Exchange.

How to Calculation Nifty

Nifty is calculated with Market capitalization and Free-float Market Capitalization. The top 50 companies of the National Stock Exchange are in nifty50. A total of 1600 companies are registered in the National Stock Exchange, out of which the top 50 companies are kept in Nifty.

All these companies are selected from different sectors. If the share price of these companies increases, then the economy of the country improves. And if the company suffers from these shares, then the economy of the country becomes weak.

Market capitalization shows the value of the entire company. To remove it, the existing share of the company can be exited by multiplying the available shares. For example, if a company has 100 shares and the price of all the shares is Rs 500. So by multiplying 100 by 500, the value of his company is 50000.

Market Capitalization = Total no. of issued shares × Current Share Price of One Share

Many people invest in the share market, some of them are also promoters. In the free-float market cap, the current share is multiplied by the number of shares that are bought and sold. If the current share price of a company is Rs 200 and that company has a total of 2000 shares. And the promoter has 400 shares of that company, then the market cap of that company will be 400000. And its free-float market cap is 200 times 1600 then the company’s free float market cap will be 320000.

Free Float Market Capitalization=Total shares available for trading × Current Share Price

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Last Word

Today in this article we have to know what is Nifty. What is Bank Nifty and Top 50 Company Listed in Nifty 50 | If all of you have read today’s article from beginning to end, then you must have come to know the complete information about it? If you have any doubt about this post then you can ask by commenting. How did you like this article and tell me by commenting?

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