How to Increase Life of your Phone [2022] -

How to Increase Life of your Phone [2022]

How to Increase Life of your Phone: When you buy a brand-new smartphone from the market, you don’t know how long it will be with you. Sometimes people buy used mobile phones and after buying them in a few weeks it starts creating problems. Mobile phones are very sensitive electronic devices, you don’t know how to check the life of your mobile. Always try to buy a brand-new phone because there is a minimum ratio of getting damaged easily. Don’t share your smartphone with everyone because some people don’t use it carefully.

Avoid giving your smartphone to kids. Usually, parents bring the most cases of damaged or dead mobiles because their kids don’t use them properly. If you are going to buy a new smartphone so always buy a brand new at least you know the exact phone’s health. We have sorted out some main points to follow if you want to increase your phone life.

How to Increase Life of your Phone

Major Tips to Increase your Mobile Life

With so many great phones being launched in the market, it has become a bit difficult to ignore the brand Tecno. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to ignore Tecno whether you have a Tecno mobile or not. The Chinese giant is giving major competition to brands like Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, and even Apple. Even if you have an expensive or low-budget phone all require a lot of care. Here we are sharing some major tips to increase your mobile life.

There are many tips that you follow to increase the life of your phone, but you cannot follow all of them, so we have just pointed out a few tips that will help you a lot

1. Use Screen Protection

Using screen protection can save your mobile from damaging the screen. Do not use a UV screen protector because when you remove it there will be more chance to get damaging your screen. Always clean your mobile screen with a screen cleaner. It will make your screen like a new one. The screen protector saves your mobile inner screen or panel when it’s dropped accidentally, so the protector gets damaged only not the panel and the screen. Most android phones like Tecno Camon 19 pro, Infinix Note 12 Pro, and other brands of phones came with original sheet protectors. We will suggest not to use them. Instead, use a 4D glass protector to save the screen for long period.

2. Delete Unusual Files

Always delete unusual files because if you have lots of unusual files, so your phone memory will be filled and start lagging. Twice a week delete the files, images, and videos that are not in use. If you don’t delete the files on time so in the end there will be a lot of files in the memory. Some older files get corrupt so if you don’t delete them there will chance of getting mobile damage internally.

3. Download Antivirus

Antivirus software protects your phone from viruses. When you are browsing new websites so some of them are not secure and after getting into them, they transfer the virus into your mobile. So if you allow your phone to scan the website and all the apps, so it will be safe and alert you from insecure sites.

4. Maintain The Battery

If you don’t maintain your smartphone battery, so soon you’ll have to face battery issues problem. Do not use your mobile phone when it is connected to the charging port. If you use it, so it cannot manage the load and start heating up. If you have a low battery so try not to use the first charge it then uses it because in a low battery there are many functions running at the same time, and it makes a load on the processor. Don’t charge it till 100% because if you charge it, so it can create battery damage issues easily.

5. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

Delete the apps which are not in use. The apps which are not in use take their places in the storage. Whenever a new update comes on that application so its size of it increases. So delete the applications which are not in need, so it will save your mobile storage

6. Avoid Using Roughly

Using mobile roughly can bring many problems. Do not use the mobile phone roughly because it can easily damage your phone from the outer side or inner side. Avoid carrying phones in the gym, washroom, and in swimming pool. Don’t use your phone while driving because it’s not safer for your health and your mobile also.

7. Use Mobile Cover

Must use mobile cover it will help the mobile body from getting damaged. There are different mobile covers available in the market some are too light and some are harder. Avoid using lighter and harder mobile covers both are not good for its protection. Use only a normal cover which is soft and can be easily put on it.

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