US Green Card Apply, Eligibility Categories & Cost

Green Card: To become a US citizen, you must have a green card. Getting green cards is very important for those people who want to settle their home in America. If you want to get a green card and you do not know about it. So today we will know what is Green Card (US) is and how to apply for it. Eligibility Categories, cost, and what are its types.

Green Card For USA residence and citizen people. this Card is compulsory to all USA member to live in America and another place. what is green card, how to apply, categories and cards types, live status check and all.

A green card is a type of Visa, officially referred to as a long-stay card. This is a character record indicating that a person has a highly sustainable residence in the United States. Green card holders are officially known as legitimate super durable inhabitants (LPRs). Starting in 2019, there are expected to be 13.9 million green cardholders. Of which 9.1 million are eligible to become citizens of the United States. Approximately 65,000 of them serve in the U.S. Equipped Forces.

What is Green Card?

To get US permanent citizenship, it is necessary to take US approval, this approval is called Green Card. America has made many rules and regulations to get a green card. Any person can get a green card only after following these. From time to time the US government keeps on changing these rules. At present, preparations are being made to make this rule more strict.


Green card holders are legally eligible to apply for US citizenship. Because of the dominance of evidence that they are, among other things. Have lived in the United States for five consecutive years and are people of acceptable good character. Those who are over the age of 18 determine US citizenship. If they have something like a US resident parent.

The card is known as a “green card” because of its chronicled greenish color. It was once in the past called a “declaration of outsider enlistment” or an “outsider enrollment receipt card”. In the absence of excellent conditions, foreigners of 18 years of age or more. Not giving your green card can lead to up to 30 days in jail.

Green card applications are selected by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Yet sometimes a movement judge or a person from the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) follows in the interest of the U.S. Principal legal officer, may concede super durable residency over the span of expulsion procedures. Any approved government judge might do likewise by marking and giving an injunction.

Eligibility for Applying for Green Card

To apply for a Green Card, you should be qualified under one of the categories given below-

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Green Card through Family

In case you are a relative of a US resident. You can apply for legal extremely durable resident status while you are in the United States. This classification incorporates close family members, life partners, single men, and survivors of remorselessness of a US resident.

Green Card through Employment

You are qualified under this classification in case. You are a foreign specialist with uncommon capacity in sciences, expressions, instruction, business, or sports. And you are a doctor who consents to work all day in clinical practice for a bunch of periods.

An employee financial supporter who invested essentially $1 million in another business venture in the US. Or has contributed or is effectively contributing $500,000 in a specified business area. Which would make a full-time position for something like 10 qualified representatives.

Green Card through Registry

At the point when an individual has lived consistently in the US since before Jan 1, 1972, s/he is qualified to apply for a Green Card.

Green Card as a Special Immigrant

This class incorporates a strict laborer who is an individual from a strict group and came to the US to work for a charitable strict association; An adolescent who needs insurance of an adolescent court on account of misuse/disregard by a parent; Afghan or Iraq public who has worked under US government; A worldwide telecaster who has come to work in the US as an individual from the media for the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM) or a USAGM grantee.

Green Card for Human Trafficking and Crime Victims

You might be qualified in case you are a survivor of illegal exploitation and as of now have a T nonimmigrant visa or then again in case you are a wrongdoing casualty who as of now has a U nonimmigrant visa.

Green Card for Victims of Abuse

If you are an abusing parent, partner, or child of a US citizen. So you may be eligible to apply as a VAWA Self-Solicitor Casualty or Outrageous Remorse of Battery. And you are a mistreated partner or child of a Cuban local or resident. You are a legal spouse or child of a legal long-lived person. Those who have accepted their green card relying on HRIFA (Haitian Refugee Immigrant Fairness Act).

Green Card through Refugee or Asylee Status

You might be qualified to apply for a Green Card as an asylum in case you were conceded shelter status somewhere around 1 year prior and as an evacuee in case you were conceded as an exile no less than 1 year prior in the US.

Green Card through Other Categories

You are qualified to apply for Green Card under this classification in case you are a Liberian public who has been ceaselessly genuinely present in the US since Nov 20, 2014; Were chosen for a variety visa in the Department of State’s variety visa lottery; A Cuban local or resident; American Indian brought into the world in Canada; Person brought into the world in the United States to an unfamiliar negotiator; Were positioned in the United States as an unfamiliar representative or high positioning authority and can’t get back.

How to Renew Expired Green card?

If your 10-year green card is expired or expiring within half of the year (6 Months), it’s an ideal opportunity to renew it. Renewing a green card is compulsory for non-residents of the USA.

The most effective steps to renew your green card-

  • Complete a renewing application either on the web or via mail.
  • collect all of your necessary documents for the renewal of the card.
  • Pay the public authority charges, whenever required.
  • Present your application, and have patience with your new green card.

A terminated green card doesn’t mean you’re presently not the legal U.S.A — you save that status forever (except if you perpetrate wrongdoing that makes you deportable or stay abroad too long when you travel). A terminated card simply implies you need the most recent adaptation — the plan of the card changes — to demonstrate that you can live and work legally in the United States and to return to the United States after voyaging abroad.

How to Check the Status of a Green Card?

It can require a while to get a choice on your green card application, and your migration status remains in a precarious situation. Luckily, you can keep an eye on the situation with your application through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Before you can do this, you will require a duplicate of your Form I-797C(Form I-797C is a notice from the USCIS that they’ve received your application. On this form there will be a 13-character number you’ll need to check the status of your Green Card.).

You ought to have gotten a duplicate via the post office after the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services accepted your application. There is data in this structure you need to actually take a look at the situation with your green card application.

To utilize your receipt number to actually look at your green card status, go to the Case Status Online page. Enter the number into the crate and snap the Check Status button. Shockingly, it is basically impossible to browse your status through email!.

You can actually take a look at your case status by calling the USCIS Contact Center at 1-800-375-5283. You will require your receipt number. This is helpful on the off chance that you don’t approach a PC to really look at your green card status.

can’t take care of your concern, they will move you to a Tier 2 agent. They might call you straightforwardly.
If the Tier 2 delegate can’t tackle your concern possibly, they will assist you with planning an in-person arrangement at your nearest USCIS field office.

Applying for Green Card

The most effective method to apply for a Green Card

Inside and outside measure: If you are qualified to apply for a Green Card in any of the previously mentioned classes, then, at that point the primary thing you need to check is which process to pick. There is a ‘change of status’ which should be finished by living in the actual US and there is ‘consular preparing’ which is for competitors who live outside of the US.

Foreigner request: Someone needs to document a migrant appeal for you which is regularly called sponsorship. At times, you can do it all alone relying upon your qualification.

Green Card application with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS): Once USCIS endorses your migrant appeal and there is a visa accessible in your classification, you should either document a visa application with the US Department of State or a Green Card application with USCIS. You should record Form I-485, including every supporting report and expenses.

Biometrics arrangement: You will then, at that point need to go to your biometric arrangement to give your fingerprints, photographs, and a mark.

Meeting: USCIS will then, at that point survey your application and make a timetable for meeting with you.

Result: Finally, you will get the outcome, maybe in your favor. Furthermore, when the Green Card is given, it is legitimate and valid for 10 years.

Cost Of Green Card

The U.S. authority documenting expense for a family-based green card is $1,760 for a candidate applying from inside the United States and $1,200 for a candidate living externally outside from the United States. Hence, this does exclude the expense of the clinical test, other expenses which changes by the card provider.

Types of Green Cards

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Family-based Green cards:

Direct relations of U.S. residents and current green card holders might apply for family-based green cards of their own. Qualified relatives incorporate companions, kids, guardians, and kin (just as the life partners and offspring of those mates, grown-up youngsters, and kin).

Additionally remembered for this classification are widows and single men who were hitched to a U.S. resident at the time the resident passed on. Like mates of living U.S. residents and current green card holders who apply for a marriage-based green card, widows and single men should demonstrate that their marriage was true to get a green card.

Many more distant family individuals — cousins, aunties and uncles, and grandparents — don’t qualify. They might apply for a green card in particular on the off chance that they, as well, have a nearer relative who is a U.S. resident or current green card holder (or fit the bill for one of the different sorts of cards beneath).

Employment-Based Green Cards

Under the employment or business-based green card class, en number of classifications of laborers can apply for a long-lasting home. Sometimes, their life partners and youngsters might fit the bill for a card, too.

Humanitarian Green cards

Individuals who have some fear, or have encountered, mistreatment in their nation of origin — due to their race, religion, ethnicity, political assessment, or participation in a specific gathering of people — can look for assurance in the United States by applying for a visa from abroad (to come as exiles) or from inside the United States (to stay as asylees).

When they have genuinely lived in the United States for something like one year since getting exile status or refuge, they might apply for a green card. Youngsters and companions (and at times, other relatives) of outcasts and asylees may likewise look for insurance in the United States under these projects and in the long run, apply for a green card.

Those People who have some illegal exploitation Background who are living in the United States — regardless of whether legally or unlawfully (as such, “undocumented”) — may apply for a T visa to remain in the United States for as long as four years. As a state of the T visa, notwithstanding, they should assist with exploring and arraign culprits of illegal exploitation (except if the casualty is under age 18, in which case they need not assist with such endeavors.

Diversity lottery Green cards

Under the U.S. “green card lottery” (officially known as the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program”), the U.S. government every year randomly selects up to 50,000 people from a pool of entries it receives from six geographic regions, such as Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Only people from countries that have had little immigration to the United States in the past — for example, Algeria, Lebanon, and Slovakia — may enter the lottery.

The share of green cards distributed to any one country is capped at 7%. Most lottery candidates live in their nations of origin at the time they cast their entrances, however, some all-around live in the United States under an alternate sort of movement status.

Long time resident green cards

People who have genuinely lived in the United States — legitimately or unlawfully (which means you were “undocumented”) — since January 1, 1972, may apply for a green card through an extraordinary process called “registry.”

The Person should meet the entirety of the standards:

  • They entered the United States before January 1, 1972, which they would have to demonstrate by giving an I-94 travel record (formally called the “Form I-94 Arrival/Departure Record”).
  • They have not left the United States since showing up.
  • Have a “great ethics person,” which means they have not to do particular kinds of violations, like misrepresentation, prostitution, or murder.
  • They’re qualified for U.S. citizenship through naturalization.
  • Have not done wrongdoings that would make them “deportable”. i.e., drug fraud, smuggling, human trafficking, etc.
  • They have not perpetrated wrongdoings that would make them “unacceptable”. i.e., entering the United States unlawfully and remaining over a half year in the United States with a terminated green card.

Other kinds of Green cards

The U.S. government issues numerous different kinds of green cards. A portion of these incorporate green cards for “exceptional foreigners,” including media experts, strict laborers, Afghanistan and Iraq nationals who have served the U.S. government under specific limits, and different sorts of laborers who have served in a global association. Others incorporate green cards for Cuban residents and American Indians brought into the world in Canada.

Requirements for Green card

Following Documents are required for applying for Green Card:

  • Birth endorsement
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Monetary Certificate
  • Verification of support’s U.S. citizenship
  • Verification of legal U.S. passage and status
  • No criminal Background(Police clearance certificate)
  • Earlier marriage endpapers
  • Court, police, and jail records
  • Military records
  • Movement infringement records
  • Clinical clearance document

What is the Green Card lottery system & How it works?

Each & Every year, the Green Card Lottery empowers 55,000 individuals worldwide to for all time live and work in the United States. Because of the idea of the lottery, individuals from all qualified nations have very great possibilities of getting a Green Card, given that they deal with the entire application measure without blunders.

The “Permanent Resident Card,” as the Green Card is likewise called, “grants” the lucky champ practically every one of the rights that a US resident has. Those Countries who can participate in the Card lottery system are Bangladesh, Brazil, China (including Hong Kong SAR), Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Great Britain (except Northern Ireland) and its territories, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, India, Jamaica, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam.

Penalties On Expired Green Card

There are no punishments or fines for an Expired green card. At the point when a green card expires, you keep on being a permanent resident. USCIS ( U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services) won’t force an extra expense or punishment. You will pay a similar card reestablishment charge.

Nonetheless, that is not motivation to postpone your restoration. using an expired card (or no card by any stretch of the imagination) will ultimately turn into an issue when it comes time to travel, during job finding, renewing a license, or do different exercises that require confirmation of permanent residence.

Pros Of Green Card

Some of the advantages of U.S green cards are enlisted below:

  • Following five years of being a Card holder, you can apply for US citizenship. It isn’t obligatory to apply for US Citizenship and you can stay a Card holder for eternity. If your nation permits double citizenship, you can get US citizenship without surrendering your present ethnicity.
  • As a Green Cardholder, you can travel abroad uninhibitedly and reappear in the United States without the danger of being denied passage into the country. However, recall that your outing should not be a long one and you need to get back to America within a half year.
  • You need not stress over boss sponsorship. You can work for any US boss regardless of occupation work, hours/week, and so forth, except businesses who enlist just US residents.
  • With this card, you can apply for a government-supported monetary guide for instruction.
  • You can pay less educational expense for school and college, known as in-state educational cost or “inhabitant” educational cost. This charge is for the most part three to multiple times lower than what the other outside nationals pay.
  • You can go after positions that require exceptional status and just the extremely durable inhabitants and the residents of the United States, can get such freedom. This shows that this inhabitant card gives more open positions.
  • On the off chance that you work for at least 40 quarters in America before you resign, you can appreciate federal retirement aide benefits. Federal retirement aid is another significant advantage that the nation concedes to the long-lasting occupants.
  • You can fire up your own business and surprisingly your own enterprise in America.

More Benefits of Green Card

  • You can appeal to and bring your companion and unmarried minor youngsters younger than 21, to America. and You can get them extremely durable occupant status in the United States. Regardless of whether you kick the bucket, your kids and life partner can stay in America as long-lasting occupants.
  • Your status won’t be in danger regardless of whether the US movement laws change in the future as the status that the nation concedes the extremely durable inhabitants is super durable and not brief.
  • You can buy homes in America and you can without much of a stretch get a home loan for procurement. Your Card will assist you with getting a home loan and the banks in America won’t charge you higher rates.
  • You can pick any American state and live there forever.
  • Your super durable inhabitant card will assist you with getting an expert permit and turned into a land or a protection specialist.
  • Insurance agencies in America don’t concede wellbeing or life coverage to individuals who don’t hold Cards and your extremely durable occupant card will assist you with buying the arrangement you need.
  • You can appreciate practically every one of the rights under US law, except casting a ballot, which is just implied for US residents.
  • However you don’t have the right to vote, but you can participate in political campaigns.

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