Passport 2023: Apply Immediately for Passport | Documents Required for New Passport

Passport 2023:- Today we will talk about the passport. What is a passport Type, benefits, what is a document, what does a passport work for, why is it important and how do we apply for a passport? Those who have a passport will know very well what the use of a passport is called. When and where does this work, how is it applied?

Everyone knows about it better than those who are using it. Today’s post is for those people who do not have information about passports. There are problems in applying them. What documents are used for passports, besides which many things are also available? Which we will go through in this post today.

You can also call it a passport. It is a document issued by any national government. Which is used for ID proof during all international travel. And to know which national you belong to. A person’s nationality and citizenship are the same.

As your identity, your name, date of birth, gender, and place of birth are given. Earlier it was very difficult to get it but its application process improved a lot over time. Earlier, you had to stand in long lines to make any document. But now you can apply online for any robbery.

Very few people have passports. But over time passports will be made mandatory in all countries of the world. There are also many countries where every citizen has to have a passport. Therefore you should have complete knowledge about passports. Now it has become so easy to make that for this you can apply sitting at home. You will know what document is required for this in the document section in this post.

What is Passport? apply online and offline. Document Required for Passport. Benefits of Passport. Passport Application Fees. Difference Between Visa and Passport.

What is Passport in English 2023

Now we will know what a passport is, it is a legal document. Which is issued by the government of all countries. This proves that you are a citizen of which country. With the help of which you can take all national and international trips. If you do not have a passport, you cannot travel internationally. CPV (Consular Passport & Visa) has the biggest hand behind it in India. The Passport Act is based on 1967.

All passport issue CPV (Consular Passport & Visa) in India is their contribution. And this department works according to a central passport organization. Passport issues are done at more than 100 different locations across India. In addition, there are 162 diplomatic missions abroad where the Indian Passport issue is carried out. It is used to create your ID in the whole world.

Advantages of Passport

As we now know what a passport is, now we will know about its benefits. What services can we avail of from having a passport with us?

  • If you have a passport, you can travel abroad.
  • You can also use it for your ID proof.
  • You go to travel abroad. So you can tell the government of that country through a passport that you are a citizen of which country.

Types of Passports in India

There is definitely doubt in your mind about what kind of passport you are. And which passport is issued to whom? The Government of India has issued three types of passports. The names of those three passports are Type P, Type S, Type D. Today we will know all three in simple language in full detail.

Type-P (personal): The first one is Type P, which is called Public Passport which is meant for the common people. P Means personal These are Ordinary passports. It is used for travel. Its color is a dark navy blue.

Type-S (service): The second is Type S, which is called Service Passport which is meant for government job seekers. Those who have to go abroad in connection with work. S Means service This is the official passports. It is used for government work. Its color is white.

Type-D (Diplomatic): The third is Type D, which is called Diplomatic Passport which is for Foreign Minister or Ambester. Those who have to go abroad in connection with work. D Means is Diplomat. This passport is used in government work. The color of this is Maroon.

Information is Provided in the Passport

Front Page: Here we will learn about the passports of all three types, which is written on the first page. Which everyone should know about. Passport number, Country code, Surname, Nationality, Given name (s), Gender, Place of birth, Date of birth, Date of Issue, Place of Issue, Date of expiry, Passport holder signature, Passport holder photo.

Last Page: Now we will know what is written on the last page. Everyone should know about this too. File number, Old passport number, address, Spouse name, Mother’s Name, Father’s or legal guardian’s name.

Documents Required for New Passport

You have found some information about passports in this post. Now we know which documents we need to make a passport. And we should know which document we need. So that when we go to get a passport then we do not have any problem.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Voter id Card
  • Pan Card
  • Ration Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Gas connection proof
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Bank passbook which is active
  • Telephone bill
  • Passport size new photo
  • Rent agreement
  • Landline or postpaid mobile bill
  • Driving license
  • Income Tax assessment order
  • School leaving Certificate
  • Birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Corporation

Documents Required for Minors New Passport

  • Aadhar Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Pan Card
  • Bank passbook which is active
  • Proof of current address in the parent’s name
  • Parents original and self-attested copies of the passport
  • School 10th class mark’s card
  • School leaving Certificate

Documents Required for Passport Renewal

  • Old original passport
  • Page of observation (if any) made by Passport Issuing Authority
  • ECR/Non-ECR page
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)/Prior Intimation Letter (PI)
  • Self-attested photocopy of The first two and last two pages
  • Page of validity extension (if any)
  • Self-attested copy of the page of observation

Online Apply for Passport

How to apply for a passport online. Earlier, to apply passport one had to be in line. But now you can apply online. To apply online, you must first log in to this site. After that, you have to register there.

Then you can create your user ID. After which you can take an appointment for PSK from that. The user has to specify this when registering. What kind of application it is Like fresh, reissue, normal, tatkal and your passport is regular, diplomatic, official, which type of all three.

Apart from Isle, users can also apply for PCC online. PCC is a full-fledged Police Clearance Certificate. After that, you have to fill the complete form. After filling in the complete information given in the form, you will have to submit it online. Or you can download it and upload it later.

Offline Apply for Passport

How to apply for a passport offline Now let’s talk. How to apply for a passport online You have to know what you need to do to apply online. First, you have to download the application form. Take out his print and fill in all the details asked in it. After filling in the complete information in the form, you have to submit it to the passport collection centers. Other than PSKs (Passport Seva Kendra), only new passport forms are collected at other collection centers.

Apply Immediately for Passport

Minors, Handicapped, and Senior citizens apply immediately for a passport. Now we will talk about how to apply for minors, handicapped and senior citizens. PSKs do not need permission to apply to handicapped, minors, or senior citizens. You cannot apply offline in such cases. For this, you have to apply online. Which generates ARN. This is the ARN required to apply without permission in any walk-in. You can also do this method to get an instant passport.

Passport Application form Online Registration 2023

Do you all know how to register for the passport application form online? Everyone’s time savings is through online registration. When it was offline, one had to stand in line for several hours. But because of your online registration, you can easily do this job sitting in your house. Now we will know step by step how to register online.

  • First of all, you have to go to the website of the passport Seva portal. & Own website
  • If you are an old user then you will have to log in to the account and you are a new user, then you will have to register.
  • Login After registering, you have to trace the category.
  • In the category, you will be given these two options “Apply for Fresh Passport or Reissue of Passport”, then click on the given link.
  • You will have to fill an application form online.
  • What type of passport do you want to make? Type-P (personal), Type-S (service), Type-D (Diplomatic).
  • Complete information has to be filled in the application form given there. Check the information once and click on save my details.
  • Click Next and fill in the family details.
  • After that, fill in all the present address details, emergency contact details, references information.
  • You have to fill in all the Sarai details given there. If you have an old passport, then you can also fill in its details.
  • All your details have to be verified.
  • Select the checkbox of I Agree and click on the ‘submit form’ button to submit the form.
  • After this, you select whether you will pay online or offline.
  • You can use a credit card / Debit card to make a payment.
  • To visit PSK, you have to schedule an appointment.

Online Passport Fees Structure

Service required validity, application fees, additional tatkal fees, Service Required

Sr.NoService RequiredvaliditypagesAdditional FeeAdditional Tatkaal Fee
1.Fresh Passport/Re-issue passport (exhaustion of visa)10 years36 pages15002000
2.Fresh Passport/Re-issue passport (exhaustion of visa)10 years60 pages20002000
3.Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport for Minors (below 18 years of Age)5years36 pages10002000
4.Replacement of Passport (damaged or stolen passport)——-36 pages30002000
5.Replacement of Passport (damaged or stolen passport)——-60 pages35002000
6.Police Clearance Certificate——-——–500NA
7.Replacement of Passport (personal particulars)10years36pages15002000
8.Replacement of Passport (personal particulars)10years60pages20002000
9.Replacement of Passport (personal particulars for Minors)5years36pages10002000

Passport Issuing Authorities and Collection Centers

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs): Only one MEA exists in India. The Ministry of External Affairs takes care of all the work related to the passport.

CPV (The Consular Passport and Visa): CPV is a division of the Ministry of External Affairs. With the help of which the Ministry of External Affairs issues a passport. Works to process all official and diplomatic passports. The Consular Passport and Visa is located in New Delhi or Patiala House.

PO (Passport Offices) / RPO (Regional Passport Offices): Their job is to issue or deny impound passports. POs act as the back end of passport-related processes and services. In addition, they send the application to process, print and approve passports. In addition, the Ministry of External Affairs deals with state police and state administration.

PSK (Passport Seva Kendras): With the help of PSK, all the activities related to Passport-related processes and services are done from the beginning to the last. All of you get online appointments from here. All of you have to submit all your documents. Passport Seva Kendras is a physical space from which applications are physically present.

PSLK (Passport Seva Laghu Kendras): Now let us talk about Passport Seva Laghu Kendras. Those who work only in the eastern and north-eastern areas. Because of which PSKs get little help in work. There are more than 20 PSLKs in the whole of India, which is under the control of the Indian Government.

DPC (District Passport Cells), SPC (Speed Post Centers), CSC (Citizen Service Centers): All of you should know that all three process only fresh passports. If you want a reissue or a tatkal passport, for that you will have to go to the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What documents are required for a passport?

Address proof, ID proof, new photo, edge proof to make a passport.

What is the official website of a passport?

Official website of passport isĀ

What is Passport National Call Center Toll-Free Number?

Passport National Call Center Toll-Free Number 1800-258-1800.

What is the difference between a visa and a passport?

A passport is a legal document that is given to any person for proof of their ID while traveling abroad. and A visa is a kind of temporary official permission that a person has to take to travel, live or work in a country other than his or her own country.

What are the types of passports?

There are 3 types of passports, the first is personal, the second is service, the third is diplomatic.

What is the age required to apply for a passport?

Everyone can apply for a passport to make a passport, from a 1-day old child to a senior citizen.

How to check your passport applied for live status?

To see the application status, you have to go to the official website of the government And by going to the section with track application status, you will have to enter your 15 digit file number and your date of birth and click on submit.

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